International Lab for Professional Filmmakers

Dates and venue to be announced soon

The intensive Lab offers a unique opportunity to become the part of the international multidisciplinary artistic team and to take part in the performance production process together with Russian actors at the Russian theatre. The project is open to professional film and video makers working in various genres, techniques and styles interested to find new collaborators and to start new challenging projects for further professional development at international level.

Filmmakers are invited to take part in one week pre-premiere period and the performance opening of the multidisciplinary International Performance Lab projectThis phase of the creative process before the opening is full of bright, challenging, conflicting, stressful and exciting moments for the camera. This is the time when creative efforts of the whole production team and all technical departments of the theatre are being mobilized and involved in magical "birth" and anticipation of the long-awaited encounter with the audience. 

The multidisciplinary creative team consists of the representatives from various professional backgrounds with different areas of expertise in arts. 
Film and video makers will join the group of directors, actors, dancers, choreographers and musicians from 10 different countries.

The Lab objective is to create the fascinating encounter of different arts in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment and to encourage participants to go beyond what they already know or are used to apply in their work inspired by this unique collaboration. The project allows artists of various disciplines to step beyond their usual practice, to be mutually complementary in creative process and to create new forms and formats of expression relying on this unique connection. 

Are you interested in developing filmmaking skills and search new opportunities to get your work showcased? 
As the result of the Lab collaboration project participants will create the performance on the stage of Russian Drama Theatre. The final work may find its realization both as part of the common creative result on the stage or may also be created as the complementary artistic format depending on specialization and artistic means. Directors, actors and dancers will create the performance on the stage of the Russian Drama Theatre through theatre language - the action on stage, movement, dance, word, etc. Film and video makers will have opportunity to create the work-in-progress on the performance project through the universal language of film - from a documentary on rehearsal process and its creative development, communication with actors, on stage and backstage, to an original short movie or a screen version of the performance on the stage. 

A film can enlighten, inspire, entertain and educate, influencing how we perceive the action and the actor. How can we translate these unique sensations on the screen?.. 
IUGTE International Lab is unique in the exploration of all the art forms involved in filmmaking related and applied to performing arts - from a deep study of character, story and script, to liberating and 
illuminating scene work with actors, to the investigation of visual personality of the film, how 
to connect feelings, emotional depth, sound, music and rhythm of story, to illuminate the life of the character on theatre stage.
will explore how to translate a theatrical form of expression into a film, gain a deeper practical understanding of what a theatre/dance performance on screen is; how to use the artistic crafts of actors and performers as tools in order to create "stories told by the body" on the screen; how to bring life and clarity to the script and story structure, how to bring together the story essenceits physical nature as well as thought-provoking and engaging; how to convey the atmosphere and rhythm of the performance; how to work side by side with all members of the production team and get the best results from this collaborative relationship

The Lab offers a unique opportunity to collaborate in an international performance project in a multicultural creative environment and enables to acquire practical skills in filmmaking in connection with performing arts. This is a wonderful chance to improve specific skills, an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience and meet collaborators for future creative work.

The working languages are English and Russian.  
Participants should bring their own cameras and equipment. 
The official day of arrival is February 24th, the departure day is March 3rd.

Participants who successfully finish the Lab can receive IUGTE Certificate.  

For application and more practical details, please submit the following documents to
- Letter of motivation stating your interest in joining the Lab.
- Detailed CV describing specific skills and abilities.
- Latest head shot with 2-3 additional photos.
- Any additional material describing professional experience: web links to past projects, video, reviews, articles, interviews, etc.

The group is forming on a competitive basis. Only several spots are available.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"