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"Great company, contacts, learned scholars, innovative research, lovely venue, a vibrant sensorial mix combined with a great amount of laughter...Just perfect for the soul! It was a complete pleasure to meet you all."
Lisa Adams-Davey , United Kingdom.

"Thanks for bringing together such talented, intelligent and generous souls."
Carrie Ann Quinn, USA

"IUGTE has opened up the door to multicultural collaboration, and each culture we come in contact with will have its ingrained beliefs and social structures. Awareness of your own cultural norms, versus those of the people you are working with, is very important if you want to maintain a collective approach to any project -- whether it is a ten minute exercise or a full length play. I have always felt drawn to learning and working with people from other countries, and IUGTE has confirmed my belief in the great benefit of studying with people from different backgrounds."
Alayha McNamara (USA)