Ostrenko - choreographer, set designer, theater artist, costume designer, educator, painter, originally from Ukraine born in 1961. He received his first education at the Art School, then continued his studies in one of the most oldest arts schools in southern Russia, Rostov College of Arts named after M.B. Grekov. He was a stage designer in Donetsk State Academic Musical and Drama Theatre. 
Gennadiy Ostrenko carried out several lines of creative projects in the field of performing art and contact improvisation in Ukraine. In the framework of IUGTE G. Ostrenko took part in different international multidisciplinary projects in Italy, Slovenia, Malta. Also, Gennady was a movement director during the IUGTE International Shakespeare Performance Project in collaboration with Russian Theatre, the final point of which, was a production of a performance with Russian actors and international production team from UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Switzerland, USA “Passions of Romeo”. 

Gennadiy Ostrenko was a stage designer in performance production, named "Lullaby for Hamlet" created in the framework of the international collaboration between Stavropol Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Lermontov, "ArtUniverse" Agency and "IUGTE". 

In 2015 G. Ostrenko was invited to take part in the great project between Saratov Kiselev Youth Theatre, “IUGTE” and “ArtUniverse” in a position of a movement director during the creation of a perform
ance "Love and Death in Verona" based on "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare. Also in this year, several workshops of contact improvisation were released and conducted by G. Ostrenko. 

Gennadiy’s rehearsing techniques were delivered from the combination of meditative transcendental techniques and ultra-contemporary techniques, such as Butoh and contact improvisation. Also, 
he is a Tai Chi Quan practitioner, since 1990, that is a regular basis of his daily personal training till this time. You also can find an application of the unique principles of Tai Chi Quan during his creative training.
“Currently,” – Gennady sais – “My professional interest lies in the researching and forming of my own methodology of training based on 
experience of the passed epochs, on the traditions. I see the future of performing arts in the basis of contact improvisation as it is 
the constant work with your body, you constantly explore new body possibilities and work with partner. After several years of practicing 
contact improvisation I discovered that just 
one touch with a partner can give you the whole history of partner’s life and his world, it is so full of emotional content. The most important thing for me in performing arts is working with a partner, feeling him and communicating with him, even without words… Words could not pass the information about you, your life and your emotions as it does a dance. This is what I am passionate about…”. 
Gennadiy enjoys travelling a lot to the places, where he can get acquainted with the world performing arts techniques and meet new artistic people. In particular, Gennadiy pays attention to the puppet theater, traditional costumes and scenery design, Butoh dance, expression through movement, stage combat, searching of connection between the traditional and modern art. In addition to his professional activities, Gennadiy gets inspiration in reading classical literature, playing the mandolin and visiting international dance and theater workshops.