Inga Ryazanoff

Inga Ryazanoff is an arts administrator, teacher, psychologist. She has been organizing international performing arts projects in different countries since 2000. Among the collaboration projects she was involved in the coordination of such activities as the “Meeting of the Commonwealth Theatres” at the Theatre “School of Dramatic Art” created by Anatoly Vasiliev (2003 - Moscow, Russia), The First Latvian Art Therapy Conference (2002 - Riga, Latvia), “The Tunguska Project” and the performance “The Sleeping Land” at Regina Globe Theatre and the Banff Centre (2004 – Canada), International Conference “Theatre Methods” (2003-2014 – Austria, Latvia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Italy), “Vs.Meyerhold. K.Stanislavsky. M.Chekhov” at The Place (2008 - London, UK), production projects “Shakespeare Transit” (2009 - Ukraine), "Passions of Romeo" (2012 - Russia), "Lullaby for Hamlet" (2014 - Russia), and other events.

In the period of 2001-2003, Inga was the member of the scientific research project "Creative Laboratory“, co-leading the group of actors, dancers, choreographers, psychologists and art therapists guided by the theatre director, choreographer and teacher Sergei Ostrenko and Indra Majore-Dushele, the leading Latvian expert in dance movement therapy. The Lab carried out numerous creative projects, arts campaigns and performances in the Baltic States, Europe and Ukraine. 

Inga's academic background is in psychology, MA in Social Science (2003). During her studies her particular interest was in psychology of creation and performer’s personality. During her research Inga published works in psychology and psychiatry periodicals. 

In 2003-2009 Inga focused on practical theatre training in the framework of Ostrenko Performing Arts Lab (OPAL) (Contact and Structural Improvisation, Physical Action of K.Stanislavsky, Psychological Gesture of M.Chekhov, Theatre Biomechanics and Classical Etudes of Vs.Meyerhold, Tai Chi Chuan for actors and dancers, Physical Theatre, etc.). 

Since 2001 Inga is involved in the activity of the International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE), where she also took part in numerous intensive theatre courses and workshops guided by leading teachers from different countries: workshops with the actors of Odin Teatret (Holstebro, Denmark), Commedia dell'Arte with Judith Chaffee (USA) and Fabrizio Paladin (Italy), Alexander Technique (with Judith Chaffee), Feldenkrais Method and Method of Lee Strasberg with Sheila Gordon (USA), Suzuki Method with Izumi Ashizawa (USA), Laban Technique with Nélia Pinheiro and Rafael Leitão (Portugal), Cabaret of the 1920s with Bence Vagi (Hungary), Chinese Opera with Joanna Wong (Chinese Theatre Circle, Singapore), Seni Pencak Silat with Zainal Latiff (Malaysia), Physical Theatre, Acrobatics and Acrobalance wth Cirkus Cirkör, Zin-Lit, Lynx Jakobsson (Sweden) , Meyerhold’s Biomechanics with Sergei Ostrenko (Russia) and Marianne Kubik (USA), and other classes and seminars.

Since 2001 Inga has been continuously practicing Tai Chi Qigong. In 2003-2008 she was teaching in Latvia, Ukraine and United Kingdom. Since 2004 she has been teaching dynamic breathing technique for professional performers as additional movement training and warm-up technique. Qigong practice is also Inga’s daily personal training.

Today Inga’s main interest is the multicultural aspect in creation, organization of international multidisciplinary arts projects, photography and painting.