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Who can apply for IUGTE Membership?
  • Individuals whose activity concentrates on professional artistic creation in the field of theatre, dance, music, opera or multiple artistic disciplines: actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, theatre critics, theatre managers, teachers of acting technique, journalists, artists, stage designers, singers, etc.

  • Cultural organizations and institutions active in the field of performing arts, artistic education, research, organization of creative events: universities, schools and colleges of arts, theatre and dance companies, creative laboratories, etc.

IUGTE Annual Membership Fees

  • Individual membership fee - 150 EUR.

  • Membership fee for organization - 300 EUR.

Necessary documents for Membership Application

For individuals:
  • Detailed CV with description of main professional activities and interests.
  • Minimum three different photos (portrait, photos taken during the work, etc.).
  • Detailed contact information. Website (if available).
For organizations:
  • Articles of association.
  • Detailed contact information. Website.

Procedure of Admission

All membership applications shall first be examined by the Commission. New members are admitted by a resolution passed at a general meeting of the Commission. The applicant’s membership takes immediate effect from when the resolution has been passed.

Advantages of IUGTE Membership

Member of IUGTE receives:
  • First right of attendance at all IUGTE events.
  • Discounts up to 50% on participation in all IUGTE workshops, courses and conferences organized by IUGTE.
  • All IUGTE mailings 
  • IUGTE takes care of professional promotion of all Members.
Member of IUGTE has the opportunity to:
  • To use the name and logo of the University, indicating the membership of IUGTE at its visit card.
  • To place IUGTE website link on its website.
  • To forward the information about creative projects to its colleagues and partners referring to IUGTE.

Resignation and Termination of IUGTE Membership

  • Any member is entitled to resign its membership, provided it gives written notice of its intention at least two months before the end of the financial year (the financial year of IUGTE runs from 1 September to 31 August).
  • When a member does not fulfil its obligations or when its conduct is against the objectives of IUGTE, its membership can be terminated by a resolution of IUGTE Board.
To apply for IUGTE Membership, please send your documents to