Presenters & Speakers of IUGTE Past Conferences


Practical workshop by theatre director and teacher, Sergei Ostrenko (Russia). Read more...
Physical/practical workshop by Autumn Eckman - Assistant Professor of Dance, The University of Arizona (Arizona, USA) and Robbie Cook - Assistant Professor of Dance at Hofstra University (New York, USA)Read more...

Performance-Lecture-Workshop by Zaki Razak – Lecturer, Visual Studies, School of Creative Industries at LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore) and Norisham Osman – Choreographer, Theatre & Dance Educator, Artistic Director at the Kaizen M.D (Singapore). Read more...
Lecture and Workshop by Shayla Bott - Associate Professor of Ballet at Brigham Young University, Brenda Critchfield - Director of Dance Medicine and Wellness Facility for the Brigham Young University Department of Dance and Ashley Ivory Parov - Adjunct Instructor, Assistant Artistic Director of Theatre Ballet at Brigham Young University (Utah, USA). Read more...

Practical workshop by Gennadiy Ostrenko - choreographer, set designer, theater artist and educator. Read more...

Workshop / technique class style presentation by Dante Puleio - Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance, School of Theatre and Dance, College of the Arts, University of Florida (Florida, USA). Read more...

Repertory and Composition Workshop by Dante Puleio - Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance, School of Theatre and Dance, College of the Arts, University of Florida (Florida, USA). Read more... 

Interactive talk with photo/video demonstrations by Lucy Cashion, M.F.A. - Artistic Director, founder of "Equally Represented Arts, Assistant Professor", Saint Louis University (Missouri, USA) and Joe Taylor - creative director, performer and composer (Missouri, USA). Read more...

Lecture / Workshop by Krissy Yin LAM – Lecturer in the Centre for Performing Arts Research in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Hong Kong). Read more... 

Movement Workshop by Leslie E. Williams - Director and Associate Professor of Dance, West A&M Univerity (Texas, USA). Read more...

Combine lecture, conversation and demonstration by Virginia Callens Gregg Retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead (Minnesota, USA)Read more...

Voice Control for Electronic Media
Combine lecture, conversation and demonstration by Virginia Callens Gregg - Retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead (Minnesota, USA). Read more...
Combine lecture, conversation and demonstration by Virginia Callens Gregg - Retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead (Minnesota, USA). Read more...
Performance and discussion by theatre ensemble "Shakespeare Frankfurt" presented by PJ EscobioSara JonesVarvara PomoniJim Phetterplace Jr. (Frankfurt, Germany).  Read more...

A practical/physical workshop by Jennifer Mizenko - Professor of Dance and Movement for the Actor at the University of Mississippi. (Mississippi, USA).  Read more...

Workshop by Dustin Whitehead - Assistant Professor of Media Acting, Jennifer Deckert - Professor of Dance, and André Megerdichian - Assistant Professor of Dance from the University of South Carolina (USA).  Read more...

Performance based on the play written by Mike Savuica (Romania/UK). Directed by Anna Demidova (Russia), performed by Mike Savuica, with a special appearance by Sorin Gongu (Romania)..  Read more...


Movement for Actors / Acting For Dancers
Practical workshop by theatre director and teacher, Sergei Ostrenko. Read more...

Classically Theatrical / Theatrically Classic
Live performance by Diane Thueson Reich - Associate Professor of Voice, Division Chair for Classical Voice, Robert Brandt - Assistant Professor of Voice and 
Jared Pierce 
coordinator of group piano studies and a member of the piano performance faculty at Brigham Young University. Read more...

Explorations of Loss
Performance, coaching, and discussion of excerpts from three theatre pieces by Karen Kopryanski - Head of Voice & Speech and Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Kelley Schoger - Assistant Professor of Acting & Movement at The University of Alabama, and Stacey Cabaj - Assistant Professor of Acting and Pedagogy at the College of Communication and Fine Arts of Loyola Marymount University. Read more...

Theatre Biomechanics 
Practical workshop by Gennadiy Ostrenko - choreographer, set designer, theater artist and educator. Read more...

Motion Tracking through Ballet Technique
Practical workshop/master class by Autumn Eckman - Assistant Professor of Dance, The University of Arizona. Read more...

Adapting the Supernatural for the 21st Century
Interactive talk and discussion by Robert Richmond - Department Chair and Artistic Director Department of Theatre and Dance University of South Carolina, and Gabrielle Peterson - Adjunct Instructor Department of Theatre and Dance University of South Carolina. Read more...

KUCHIPUDI NATYAM:A classical dance form of India.
Performance fragment by Achutamanasa - a renowned Kuchipudi danseuse of India. Read more...

Storytelling Through Physical Impulse
Work in progress / Research Presentation by Dustin Whitehead - Assistant Professor of Acting, Director of BFA Acting, and Ashlee Wasmund - Assistant Professor of Dance, Director of BFA Musical Theatre & Dance at Western Carolina University, School of Stage & Screen. Read more...

The Power of 2: Handel’s Music Unravels the 5 Stages of Modern Dating
Collaboration performance project Shelley Cooper - Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre at Augustana College, and Dr. Corey Trahan - Assistant Professor of Applied Voice and Theory Department: Humanities, Fine & Performing Arts, Northwest Florida State College and Ross Osmun - Professor of Piano and Theory at Bishop's University. Read more...

Entering the Story: audience as character and performance’s next revolution.
Interactive Talk/Lecture/Discussion by Alexis Macnab - Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts & Dance, Sonoma State University. Read more...

Freedom as a Burden (Legacy revisited!)
Practical participatory workshop by Lucia Repašská - creative director of D’epog Theatre, a Brno-based progressive stage platform. Read more...

Workshop: Introduction of Kuchipudi Natyam and its Basics" and Exhibition: "KUCHIPUDI NATYAM".
Workshop and exhibition by Achutamanasa - a renowned Kuchipudi danseuse of India. Read more...

Early Women Playwrights: A Brief History.
Interactive lecture by Amy Drake - Ohio Ambassador for the Dramatists Guild of America, Board member of the International Centre for Women Playwrights and a member of Producer’s Perspective PRO. Read more...

Classical Music in Film: A Mutual Hermeneutic Aid or A Case of the “Poisoned Chalice?”
A Lecture – Recital by Ross Osmun - Professor of Piano and Theory at Bishop's University. Read more...


Opening interactive event about creativity, multi culture and our mind by Luca Fabbricotti - manager and consultant expert in international and intercultural projects (Switzerland). More details...

Practical workshop by Sheila Gordon, Associate Professor of Acting and Voice, St. Edward’s University (USA) and 
Patricia Tedford, Associate Professor of Acting and Voice Thorneloe University (Canada). More details...

Practical workshop by 
Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, Associate Professor of Theatre, College of Arts, Media & Design, Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). 
More details...

Presentation by Joanna Wong, Artistic Director of Chinese Theatre Circle Limited (CTC), Singapore. 
More details...

Live solo dance, video presentation and talk by Virpi Pahkinen, a Finnish/Swedish choreographer, director and dancer. 
More details...

Presentation and talk by Art Horowitz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance, Department of Theatre, Pomona College (USA). 
More details...

Live performance: a one-woman show written and performed by Shelley Cooper, the Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL (USA), directed by Mariangela Chatzistamatiou, and accompanied by Dr. Ross Osmun, Professor of Bishop's University (Canada). 

Practical workshop by Shelley Cooper, the Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL (USA). 

Performance of a work in progress directed by Adam Houghton, Associate Professor, Theatre & Media Arts Department, Brigham Young University (USA), performed by Melanie Berriman, Calee Gardner, Cooper Sutton, Emma Widtfeldt, Jake Fullmer, Ian Buckley (USA). 

Presentation by Thought Experiment Productions - Ülfet Sevdi, a writer, theatre director, dramaturge and Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner based in Montreal, Canada and Istanbul, Turkey; Nicolas Royer-Artuso, a composer, musician, musicologist, linguist, music teacher, Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner (Canada) and Itir Arditi an actor and a writer (Canada). More details...

Academic Paper, Films, and Masterclass by Lisa Adams-Davey, Senior Lecturer (Edge Hill University, UK) & Artistic Director (Confiança Collaborative Theatre Company, UK). More details...

Lecture, video demonstration and practical workshop by Cynthia Roberts, Visual/Multimedia Artist, Associate Professor of Studio Art at Endicott College (USA), and Nikki Sao Pedro-Welch, Choreographer/Dancer, Coordinator of Dance, Assistant Professor of the Dance program at Endicott College (USA)More details...

Presentation by Dr. Ross Richard Osmun (Canada) - recitalist, accompanist and chamber musician, teacher, Professor of Piano and Theory at Bishop’s University (Canada). More details...


Practical workshop on the principles of Biomechanics and the teachings of the Russian outstanding theatrical innovator, Vsevolod Meyerhold, by theatre director and teacher, Sergei Ostrenko (Russia)Read more...

Interactive workshop and discussion for arts managers, administrators, artists and everyone interested and involved in multicultural and international arts organization, exchange and collaboration by Luca Fabbricotti (Switzerland) - manager and consultant expert in international and intercultural projectsRead more...

Practical masterclass on singing for Musical Theatre using the work of voice and speech specialist, Arthur Lessac by Shelley Cooper - voice instructor, stage director and actor specializing in Musical Theatre, the Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre at LaGrange College in LaGrange, GA (USA). The basis of the masterclass is that in the world of Musical Theatre and Opera, it is not acceptable to simply have a pretty voice; you must be able to portray the character you are singing and ground it in reality. Through a series of physical, breathing, and vocal exercises, inspired greatly by Arthur Lessac, participants will unleash their true natural singing voices. Read more...

Practical participatory workshop and presentation by Denise Purvis - Assistant Professor of Dance at Southern Utah University (USA). The workshop explores the unique challenges offered through working within a system focused on participating in the Western world market, while preserving cultural heritage. Read more...

Performance with Discussion by Andrea Vazquez, Choreographer, Interdisciplinary Dance Artist, Denise Purvis - Dancer, Choreographer, Assistant Professor of Dance at Southern Utah University, USA, and Pianist James Kaufmann (USA). The performance explores the intersection and interrelation of inner and outer world; it questions one woman's relationship with her body and her environment - her desire to control her surroundings and her personal reality in the midst of environmental upheaval. Read more...

The Immigrant’s Diasporic Imagination
Work demonstration and interactive talk by Giovanni Ortega - 
Director, Assistant Professor at Pomona College Department of Theater and Dance (USA). The heart of this research is to collaborate with an international group of like-minded souls to engage and exchange our ideas and experiences to create works that will nurture, inspire and empower the next generation of academics and artists. Giovanni Ortega would like to invite the participants in this prolonged journey, let us embark in a voyage that will test the waters of what it’s like to be coloured in this day and age. Read more...

Research presentation by Courtney Harris - Assistant Professor, Department of Dance and Choreography/School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) and Charli Brissey - artist and choreographer (USA). Inspired by the life and work of early twentieth century painter Romaine Brooks, 20 Rue Jacob brings Brooks’ unique portraitures to life through video, sound, sculpture, modern dance, drag, and physical theater, resulting in an immersive performance and art installation, while also mirroring salon events of 1920s Paris. A revisionist artwork, 20 Rue Jacob reimagines and honors homosexual voices of the past, while re-contextualizing sexuality and gender through current migratory identities. Read more...

Interactive lecture and workshop by Ellie Chadwick - experimental theatre-maker, PhD researcher, teacher at the University of Warwick (UK). The session will raise the question of how we might usefully tap into the latent power of ritualistic, archetypal and symbolic patterns in a modern context. Read more...

Talk and demonstration by Ellie Chadwick - experimental theatre-maker, PhD researcher, teacher at the University of Warwick (UK) and Aaron Hussain - sound engineer and creative technician (UK). Ergo Sum is a multi-sensory event combining live performance with new technology, exploring the kaleidoscopic nature of human experience. Read more...

Presentation by Shani Robison - Associate Professor of Dance, Brigham Young University, President, CORPS de Ballet International (USA). Shani Robison had choreographed original ballets and restaged the iconic classics on the ballet company in previous years, but she wanted to involve the students in a life-changing opportunity for growth and insight that evolved from the creation of a large-scale production. During the conference Shani would like to share the production process of this two-year project with other professional artists in order to demonstrate the steps that it required, explain how it was different from a normal ballet production, show the outcomes of all of the designs (costume, make-up, choreography, lighting, scenery, etc.), and present the results, both in student comments/experiences, and in performance clips. Read more...

Workshop by Lenka Novakova - a Czech-Canadian artist, researcher, teacher, PhD candidate at The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, at Concordia University, in Montreal (Canada). Participants will explore the expanding dimension of performative space and focus on the sliding role of scenography within the margins of performance and visual arts. Lenka Novakova will provide theoretical and historical background of expanded scenographic practices, embracing the materiality of performative space, as well practical tools to explore these margines in an actual physical setting. Through practical activities, and discussion, participants will generate new perspectives of spatial performance, performative agents and the shifting role of audience. Read more...

Lecture-discussion by Dr. Ross Richard Osmun (Canada) - recitalist, accompanist and chamber musician, teacher, Professor of Piano and Theory at Bishop’s University (Canada). This discussion aims to offer audience members a brief journey into the ever-changing role of the piano and its performers through the artistically volatile previous century. Traditional performance practices as well as expanded instrumental techniques and other innovative uses of the instrument will highlight not only acoustic properties but also the theatrical capabilities of the instrument. Sound bites, live performance and video clips will be featured as well to offer listeners a varied and holistic artistic experience. On the second day of his presentation, Dr.Osmun will also present the Mini–Recital: "From Mozart to Morel: Exploring 200 Years of Piano Music" Works by Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel and Morel". Read more...


Practical workshop and discussion on the principles of Biomechanics and the teachings of the Russian outstanding theatrical innovator, Vsevolod Meyerhold, by theatre director and teacher, Sergei Ostrenko (Russia)Read more...

Master acting class – participatory workshop with Q&A by Carrie Ann Quinn - MFA, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, Head of acting and directing, Associate Chair, Department of Performing Arts at University Massachusetts Boston, and Grayson Powell – MFA, Columbia University, New York based actor and co-founder of GrayKings Film Productions (USA)Read more...
Lecture-PowerPoint and video presentation on the performance experience - 
the combination of Chinese Opera and The Metamorphosis by Kafka
 - by Phoenix Tsailuan Chang (Taiwan)
Exhibition of the genuine Venetian Masks created by the masters of Bluemoon Venice workshop (Venice, Italy) 
 specialize in the production of Venice's famous paper-mâché masks. Read more...
Interactive talk/lecture/discussion with live dance performance by Thomas Vacanti - dancer, choreographer, Assistant Professor in Dance at UMass Amherst (USA)Read more...

Upside Down or Downside Up?
Interactive workshop and discussion for arts managers, administrators, artists and everyone interested and involved in multicultural and international arts organization, exchange and collaboration by Luca Fabbricotti (Italy) - manager and consultant expert in international and intercultural projectsRead more...

Interactive conversation and audio-video presentation on the multicultural international performance project in Nepal by Greg Mitchell - lighting and scenic designer for theatre, opera, music, dance, and television, Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of California, Santa Barbara M.F.A., Scenic and Lighting Design from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (USA). Read more...

Lecture/video presentation and discussion on the collaboration experience in creating a choreodrama (story based choreography) using motion capture technology by Professor Eric Brandt Nielsen - dancer, director, choreographer, Director of Dance at Valdosta State University, Georgia (USA)Read more...
Interactive talk and video presentation, the overview of the anatomical components needed to create healthy, sustainable sounds of vocal violence by Tara Snyder - musical theatre voice specialist and assistant professor for Theatre UCF in the School of Performing Arts at the University of Central Florida (UCF), in Orlando (USA)Read more...

Interactive talk and video presentation, the practical guide to performing musical theatre abroad, discussing cultural differences and professional expectations by Amanda Hornberger - Musical Theatre BFA student at the University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando (USA). Co-presenter: Tara Snyder - musical theatre voice specialist and assistant professor for Theatre UCF in the School of Performing Arts at the University of Central Florida (UCF), in Orlando (USA)Read more... 

A practical guide to how the avant-garde Italian Futurists continue to inspire creativity in theatre-making and theatre education today - 
interactive discussion/lecture/brief participation by the audience/video demonstration - 
by Jeffrey Bracco - director, actor, playwright and teacher, Lecturer at Santa Clara University (USA)Read more...
Lecture/presentation/writing exercise by Lauris Gundars - playwright, screenwriter, director, award-winning author, creator and Head of Writing for Theatre, film and TV Program at Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga (Latvia)Read more...

Talk and video on the idea and process of making Matrix II, a visual and conceptual movement piece, created by a true and seamless collaboration between the designer and the choreographer, by Fereshteh Rostampour, an Associate Professor of set & lighting design in the department of theatre at Auburn University, award-winning Scenographer for numerous plays, dance, opera, and film internationally (Iran - USA)Read more...
Research presentation (Power Point and documentary projection) - by Lisa Adams-Davey, performer, consultant, artistic director, Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts at Edge Hill University (EHU), United KingdomRead more...


Interactive workshop for actors, directors, and theatre educators by Professor Eric Domuret (USA) - 
Actor, Director and Teacher, 
Professor of Drama at University of St. Thomas in Houston, TexasRead more...

Presentation and discussion by Professor James Oliverio (USA) - 
Composer, Director, Educator, Performing Arts Administrator, Producer, Professor of Music, Professor of Digital Arts & Sciences, Executive Director of the Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida. Read more...

Research presentation, lecture and discussion by Professor Ritirong Jiwakanon (Thailand) - 
Theatre Designer, Teacher, Professor at the Department of Dramatic Arts, 
Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Interactive workshop investigating non-verbal storytelling by Professor Laura Wayth (USA) - 
Assistant Professor of Acting and Coordinator of Actor Training at San Francisco State University (USA). Read more...

Interactive workshop and discussion for arts managers, administrators, artists and everyone interested and involved in multicultural and international arts organization, exchange and collaboration by Luca Fabbricotti (Italy) - 
manager and consultant expert in international and intercultural projects. Read more...

Workshop, lecture, storytelling & discussion on the common threads and traditions of renewal for performing arts educators, artists, people of all ages who have interest in the creative process by Professor Brandon R. McWilliams (USA) 
Designer, Assistant Professor of Costume Design at Louisiana State University. Read more...

Random, fleeting moments, animator-machine-animator, briefly connect, and move
Performance, presentation of the research integrating digital interactivity with live performance, explanation of process, and opportunity to interact with the technical interface, and with others through the interface. Professors William J Mackwood and Gwenyth Dobie (Canada)
Project Animators, York University, School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design. Read more...

Interactive lecture with PowerPoint visual presentation on Laban Movement Studies (LMS) as a potentially cross-culturally viable approach to the theatrical interpretation/reinterpretation of fighting arts, in specific Zulu stick fighting by Prof. Dr. Marié-Heleen Coetzee (South Africa)
the Head of the Department of Drama at the University of Pretoria. Read more...

Exhibition of the genuine Venetian Masks created by the masters of Bluemoon Venice workshop (Venice, Italy) 
who specialize in the production of Venice's famous paper-mâché masks. 

IUGTE Conference is glad to present the multidisciplinary art exhibition and the opportunity to meet with the local artists of Carrara city - 
sculptors, painters, graphic designers, illustrators, costume designers and scenographers: Giulia Bellè, Gabriele Mosti, Tiziana Ricci, Daniele Eschini, Federico Brambilla, Marcello Nesti, Nastasia Grillotti, Francesco Tufo, Tommaso Milazzo, Sonia Ravenna, Sandra Ventarelli, Alem Teklu.

Exhibition of photos, paintings and traditional costumes by Professor Asiye Aslan Özşen (Turkey) 
Artist, Researcher and Teacher, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University.

Australian artist (songwriter, singer, playwright), Roz Pappalardo, presents a performance fragment of her self-penned, one-woman play.
"Rosa" is a new Australian love story, written and performed by Roz Pappalardo, which traces a family’s history from Sicily (Italy) to Mena Creek, Far North Queensland (Australia). This is a joyous tale told through story and original songs, which examines the ties that bind while investigating the power of maternal ancestry, from grandmother to granddaughter. Read more...

Practical workshop by Ken Skrzesz (USA) - Actor, Choreographer, Director, Educator, 
Performing and Visual Arts Magnet Teacher Specialist and Theatre Teacher. 

Lecture-demonstration on one of the most “theatrical” musical compositions ever written for piano by Prof. Dr. Mira Kruja (USA) - 
international award-winning Scholar, Performer, Music Researcher, 
Director of Piano and Pedagogy Studies, Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts Department, College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences, Alabama A&M UniversityRead more...

Interactive conversation and shared dialogue exploring the process and necessity of building partnerships between theatre artists and individuals and organizations in the non-arts related fields who are addressing global and local issues of social import. 
Speakers: Bari Hochwald (USA-Italy) - Founding Artistic Director of The Global Theatre Project located in Los Angeles, California & Florence, Italy. Professor Rita Shackel (Australia) - legal advocate and Associate Professor of law at Sydney Law School. Read more...

Interactive talk, lecture and discussion by Pofessor Elizabeth S. Palmer (USA) 
Educator, Composer, Performer and Clinician, Thornton School of Music, University o
f Southern California, Los Angeles.

Presentation and masterclass by Deanna Paolantonio (Canada) - 
Master in Dance Studies, Dancer, Teacher, Educator, Fitness Instructor. Read more...

Exhibition and presentation by Sara Csonka (Hungary) artistic name Evgeni Somarov - Animator and Comics Artist, Illustrator, the winner of IUGTE International Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists. The presentation takes place in the framework of IUGTE support programme for young talents and emerging artistsRead more...

Performance presentation by Parpignol Theatre (Francesco Marchesi, Valentina Paradiso, Paolo Giannelli, Andrea Mosti - Italy), inspired by Stravinski music, traditional Russian fairytales and the Italian mask tradition - a melting pot of music, classic theatre and dance evolving into a sensory theatre experience. Read more...


Where Spirit Leads Form Will Follow - an Innovative Approach to Arts Project Funding
Seminar/interactive learning session with Gordon Kerr – teacher, writer, producer, publisher, arts administrator; Director of Dazzling Spark Arts Foundation (UK).

The Act of Creation. Grotowski - Laban - Chekhov. Physicality - Psychology - Gesture
Practical workshop with Jennifer Mizenko (Professor of Dance and Movement for the Actor, Certified Laban Movement Analyst, Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique - USA).

Space and The Actor
Practical workshop with Laura Wayth - Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Actor Training Program, San Francisco State University (USA).

Fixing Foundations. A guide to Longevity in the High Performance Performing Arts of Circus, Dance, Clown and Physical Theatre
Presentation and practical workshop with Alisa Walton - Artistic Director of Crow's Feet Physical Theatre and Lab le Jeu Inc; Physical Theatre coach, dancer, actor (film, television, theatre), aerial bungee artist, stilt dancer, stunt coach, anatomist (Canada).

Folklore in Performance and Cultural reception for an International Audience
Presentation by Geetha Creffield - MA in Performance and Culture, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Director, ACSian Theatre; writer, researcher, educator, speaker and teacher (Singapore/UK).

Fusing Traditional With Contemporary in Australian Indigenous Theatrical Experiences 
Video presentation with Nathalie Vallejo - Manager, Marketing & Communications, Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia; arts manager and practitioner - performing arts marketing and communications, public relations and administration (Australia).

Invented Traditions -  What Makes Indian Dance 'Indian'? 
Video presentation with Gitanjali Kolanad (choreographer, teacher, dance researcher - India) and Brandy Leary (Founder and Artistic Director of Anandam Dancetheatre - Canada).

The Art of Co-creation: Building Professional Platforms for Artists with Different Abilities 
Presentation with Sophia Alexandersson - Director Share Music Sweden; musician, expert in arts and culture project management, performing arts, accessibility and international cooperation (Sweden).

Creating and Managing Positive Revenue Centers Within a Non-Profit Environment/Organization: A Quantitative and Qualitative Case Study of Summer Performing Arts Programs at New York University’s Steinhardt School
Presentation by William R. Naugle, PhD, Administrative Director, Music and Performing Arts Professions, The Steinhardt School, New York University; expert in arts administration and project management, educator and teacher (USA).

Pouring Brain - Warm Thoughts in the Cold Winter
Presentation by Sara Csonka, comics and animation artist, illustrator, the winner of the International Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists (Hungary).

Matah Ati. A Javanese Opera Through the Lens of A Foreign Audience
Presentation by Yati Yusoff - international tour manager and independent producer (Indonesia).

Introduction to Commedia dell'Arte
Practical workshop with Rosa Campagnaro - director, actor, teacher, Director of "Make A Scene", a bilingual theatre education company (Australia).


Presentation with Todd Dellinger - expert in arts administration, producer (USA).

Presentation with Dione A. Joseph - theater director and writer (Australia).

Presentation with Monika Herzig - musician, performer, arts administrator (USA).

Presentation with Burcu Yasemin Şeyben - playwright, arts researcher, expert in cultural policies (Turkey).

Lecture-presentation with Amy Drake - director, playwright and actor (USA).

Performance presentation with Pamela Crevcoure (creative artist, expert in costume design, manager), Irene Mack-Shafer (creative artist, expert in design), Kelli Sanford-Burgoon (dancer, choreographer) and Michael Vamos (dancer, choreographer) - USA.

Workshop presentation with Maggie Killingbeck - dancer, choreographer, teacher (UK). 

Presentation with Wanasak Padungsestakit, performer, performing arts teacher and researcher, and Sayompooh Jindarat - director, actor (Thailand).

Workshop presentation with Bill J. Adams - musician, performer, music researcher and teacher (USA).

Presentation with Ruth Boden - musician, performer and teacher (USA).

Presentation with Dean Luethi - musician, music researcher, performer, teacher (USA).

Presentation with Carola Boehm (musician, arts researcher and arts aministrator), Jane Linden (artist, curator, arts administrator), Jodie Gibson (arts aministrator and arts manager), Gavin Carver (designer, stage manager, lighting designer, carnival designer) - UK.

Presentation with Stephen Wetzel - artist, performer, filmmaker, teacher (USA).


Practical workshop with Lisa D. Long - educator, choreographer, dancer (USA).

Presentation with Harris Jahim - actor, director, choreographer and fight choreographer (Singapore).

Presentation with Alan Salzenstein - arts administrator, educator, theatrical producer, consultant (USA).

“The Art of the Solo Dance”
Practical workshop with Cara Harker – educator, dancer, choreographer (USA).

Presentation with Catherine Rand – educator, musician, conductor (USA).

Presentation with Jan Hendrik Nel - expert in stage and entertainment technology, educator (South Africa).

Presentation with Betty Hartzell - art therapist, counselor, educator (USA).

Theatre mask exhibition and practical workshop with Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh - artist, performer, mask designer, playwright (Iran).

Lecture-demonstration with Bannikuppe Munivenkatappa Jayashree - musician, music educator and scholar (India).

Presentation and lecture with Deborah Arlene Lütge - performer, director, poet, playwright and theatre practitioner (South Africa).

Performance demonstration with Leo Ashizawa - performer, director, writer (UK-Japan).

Practical workshop with Cynthia Roses-Thema - dancer, educator, writer, performer, dance critic, teacher (USA). 

“Bridging the Gap Between Classical and Film Music: 
Teaching the Fundamentals of Music Through Its Incorporation In the Motion Picture”
Lecture-presentation and discussion with Ross Osmun – musician, music educator and scholar (Canada).

Lecture with Youngjoo Choi - theatre critic and scholar, translator and dramaturg (South Korea).

"Liszt's Mid-Life Crisis and the Genesis of the B Minor Sonata"
Lecture-presentation and discussion with Ross Osmun – musician, music educator and scholar (Canada).

presentation with Susheela Shrimushnam - musician, music educator and teacher (India). 

Practical workshop with Willow Chang - performer, instructor, choreographer, designer, producer and musician (Hawaii).

Presentation and lecture with Deborah Arlene Lütge - performer, director, poet, playwright and theatre practitioner (South Africa).

Performance demonstration with Willow Chang - multi-disciplined artist, performer, instructor, choreographer, designer, producer and musician (Hawaii). 

Workshop with Christina Keefe - actor, teacher, voice and text coach (USA).
Presentation with Jennifer Edwards - MFA, RYT, cultural critic, public speaker, writer, choreographer (USA). 
"Dramatic Action in Movement: Psycho-Physical Exploration of Text and Action" 
Workshop with Cara Rawlings - teacher, performer, fight director and dance choreographer (USA).
Workshop with Sergei Ostrenko - theatre director and teacher (Russia).

Presentation with Helena Rodrigues - Member of IUGTE, musician, psychologist, music and drama therapist, teacher (Portugal).

Morning warm-up with Inga Ryazanoff – performing arts manager, painter, performer, teacher, psychologist (Latvia) and Giorgia Zago – theatre and film actor, playwright, teacher, performing arts manager (Italy). 
Presentation with Hsiaoling I - theatre actor, director, teacher of performance and vocal skills (Taiwan).


"Actor's Body Training Through 'Mak Yong' Dance Form"
Practical workshop with Norzizi Zulkifli - actor, director, dancer (Malaysia).

"American Noh Theatre: An Innovative Form of Theatre Movement"
Practical workshop with Tamiko Washington - actor, voice and movement teacher (USA).

"The New Jazz Program at Tshwane University of Technology - South Africa"
Presentation with Roland Hansel Moses - musician, composer, researcher and lecturer (South Africa).

"The Problem of Verse-Speaking Training"
Presentation with Katarzyna Lech - actor, drama teacher, acting coach (Poland-Ireland).

"Building a Nation: Thirty Students at a Time"
Presentation with Mareth van Schalkwyk - director, facilitator, drama teacher (South Africa).

"Theatre Biomechanics" 
Practical workshop with Sergei Ostrenko - theatre director and teacher (Russia).

"Watashi Niwa Jishinga Aru: I Have A Spine"
Performance fragment with Leslie Ishii - actor, director, playwright (USA).

"Fitzmaurice Voicework and a Journey to the Tragedy"
Workshop Presentation with Anna Estrada - actor, teacher, researcher (Spain).

"Spreading Roots" and "Contemporary Dance"
Lecture and Masterclass with Jan Erkert - dance-maker, choreographer and teacher (USA).

"PLAA - Physical Language Analysis for Actors"
Workshop with Karin Abromaitis - director, performer, movement, fight and dance choreographer, teacher (USA).

"The Speaker that Cannot Move: How Linguistic Insights Can Inform Dance Practices"
Presentation with Erin Dahlgren - dancer, researcher, teacher (USA).

"Assessment of Dance Audience Needs on a University Campus"
Presentation with Andrew Carroll - performer, teacher, researcher (USA).

“The Sky Up Above – The Father Project”
Performance with Myrto Bernhardt - actor, teacher, researcher (Greece).

“The Soul of Performance”
Performance with Tami Lee Hughes - musician, researcher, teacher and accompanist: Ellen Bottorff (USA).

“Alchemy 3”
Performance with Willow Chang - dancer, performer, instructor (USA).

"The Art of Being: The Suzuki Actors Training Method and Frank Suzuki Performance Aesthetics"
Workshop with Antje Diedrich - performer, teacher, director (Germany - UK).

"Coping in Collaborative Choreography"
Workshop with Jo Breslin - dancer, choreographer, teacher, and Jill Cowley - dancer, choreographer, teacher (UK).

"Defrosting Actors: An Introduction to Viewpoints as a Liberatory Pedagogy"
Presentation with Christopher Clark - performer, director, teacher, and Isaac Walters - director, teacher (USA).

“The Jazz Performance: Creativity and Structure”
Presentation with Ricardo Pinheiro - musician, researcher, teacher (Portugal).

"Breathing the Experience. Breath, the Great Creative Connector. Voice Training for Acting Impulses"
Workshop with Christina Gutekunst - voice and speech expert, teacher, coach (UK). 

"How to Audition for Film and TV"
Workshop with Simon Longmore - actor, teacher, acting coach (Canada).

"Integrating Arthur Lessac's Voice and Body System with Tadashi Suzuki's Movement for the Actor"
Workshop with Robin Carr - voice specialist, coach, acting instructor (USA).

"Dancing Spine"
Workshop with Doris Hintsteiner - dancer, choreographer, teacher (Austria).



"Japanese Noh and Suzuki Techniques" 
Workshop and performance fragment with Izumi Ashizawa - actor, director, artistic director of Izumi Ashizawa Performance (Japan/USA).

"A Journey of Separation: Actor Training in Ireland"
Presentation with Janice Kennedy – performing arts educator and teacher (UK).

"The Change We Should Be Making – Creating a Better Future through the Arts"
Presentation with Adelina Ong - actor, performer, performing arts manager and educator (Singapore).

"Teaching Avant-Garde Piano Techniques and the New Expressive, Sonorous, Artistic, and Performance Elements they Introduce"
Lecture-demonstration with elements of performance with Mira Kruja - musician, music scholar, performer and teacher (USA).

"In the Cage"
Work-in-progress - dance performance with Doris Hintsteiner - dancer, choreographer and teacher (Austria).

"Performer's Physicality in the Methods of Meyerhold, M.Chekhov and Stanislavsky"
Workshop with Sergei Ostrenko - theatre director and teacher (Russia).

"Dramatic Monologues: Friel and the Greek Example" 
Workshop with Rush Rehm - actor, director, teacher and Courtney Walsh - actress (USA).

"Opening Up Inside"
Workshop with Tony Cealy - theatre and arts practitioner, workshop facilitator and trainer (UK).

"Study the Culture to Understand the Dance; Study the Dance to Understand the Culture. The Art Form and Presentation of Tap Dance"
Lectures-demonstrations with Colleen West - dancer, choreographer, teacher (USA).

"New Paradigms of Performance Matrix"
Lecture with Slobodan Dan Paich - dance maker and theatre director (USA).

"Embodying Ideas - Acting for Dancers, Dancing for Actors" 
Workshop with Slobodan Dan Paich - dance maker and theatre director (USA).

"No Separation of Church and Dance"
Presentation-interactive session with Noelle Partusch - choreographer, teacher (USA).

"The fascinating world of Chinese Opera"  
Practical workshop under the guidance of Joanna Wong Quee Heng and Leslie Wong Sze Ying;
Chinese Opera performance by Chinese Theatre Circle (Singapore). 



"Missing Pieces: Applying Theatre Talents Off-Stage"
Presentation by Kimberly Davis - Actress, certified coach and facilitator (USA).

"Japanese Noh and Suzuki techniques and excerpts from "Gilgamesh" and "Zahak"
Workshop and presentation by Izumi Ashizawa - actress, director, Artistic director of Izumi Ashizawa Performance (Japan/USA).

"Advanced Performance Training (APT)"
Presentation by Elke Van Campenhout - Artistic researcher, dramaturg, cultural critic (Belgium).

"Swinging Horizon"
Performance by Ritsuko Tsumaki - dancer, choreographer (Japan).

Practical workshop in contemporary dance training
by Yoriko Okamoto - dancer, choreographer, teacher (Japan). 

"Commedia Dell’Arte - A Tradition of Playing Now"
Workshop and performance by Fabrizio Paladin - actor, director, playwright, musician, teacher (Italy).

"Staging the Dream: Ella Jaroszewicz and the Studio Magenia"
Presentation by Michael Pape - actor, director, playwright, theatre scholar (USA).

“Thrown” Project
Workshop and performance presentation by Nightmare Before Valentine (Germany).

"BoxWhatBox: Performance Creation Workshop"
Practical workshop by Michael Devine - actor, director, playwright (Canada).

"Exploring Pause Behavior"
Practical workshop by Mandy Fox - playwright, director, actor, voice specialist, educator (USA).

"The fascinating world of Chinese Opera"
Practical workshop under the guidance of Joanna Wong Quee Heng and Leslie Wong Sze Ying;
Chinese Opera performance by Chinese Theatre Circle (Singapore).

"Performer's Physicality"
Workshop by Sergei Ostrenko - Theatre director and teacher (Russia).

"Psychophysical Training through Movement Improvisation"
Workshop presentation by John Britton - director, performer, writer, educator, Senior Lecturer in Performance at the University of Huddersfield (UK).

"Reflections on the total regeneration of a post high school, professional dancers training program"
Presentation by Fay Nenander - choreographer, teacher, Senior Advisor at the Ballet Academy Stockholm (Sweden).

"Carnival Arts and Its Impact on Arts Education"
Presentation by Shabaka Thompson - cultural activist, social engineer, Director of the Yaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre, CEO of Carnival Village based in Notting Hill (UK).

"Arts Education and the Disaffected Student"
Presentation by Annie Cornbleet - teacher, education consultant, expert in Creativity and the use of Arts Education, co-founder of CETTIE - 
Cultural Exchange Through Theatre In Education (UK).

"Splendid Mummer" by Lonne Elder. A monodrama on the life of the outstanding Black actor: Ira Aldridge
Presentation by Shango Baku - actor, writer, director, journalist, Artistic Director of CETTIE - Cultural Exchange through Theatre In Education (UK).

"Approaches to Movement-Based Theatre"
Performance and lecture-demonstration by Pal Bernstein - performer, instructor of physical theatre, professor at Rutgers University (USA).



“Meyerhold and Biomechanics Today: The Practical Application of Early 20th Century Actor Training in Rehearsal and Performance”
Workshop with Marianne Kubik - Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia (USA). 

“Killing Time at Twenty 'til Nine” inspired by Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations"
Performance by Marianne Kubik (USA).

“Engaging students in Collaborative Process”
Presentation with Margaret Beth Cherne, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (USA).

“Theatre Practice in Rural Areas”
Presentation with Joanne Marie Jones - director, teacher, acting coach (UK).

Presentation of "Treibgut" Project - An artist’s experience in which she confronts visual arts, music and dance, soliciting all senses
Presentation with Dietlind Bertelsmann – visual artist and creator of staged works (Belgium).

"A New-found Poetic Voice"
Presentation with Dr. Padmanabhan S.Sri - Professor of Comparative Literature in the Dept. of English at Royal Military College of Canada, Ontario (Canada).

“Applying the Theatrical Methods of Early 20th Century Cabaret Performance in Theatre Today"
Workshop with Bence Vagi - dancer, choreographer, director (Hungary).

"Solo Acting Deconstructions: Red and Yellow”
Performance with Pal Bernstein - theatre artist, instructor of physical theatre, professor at Rutgers University (USA).



"Salt and sugar" - A’la carte cabaret
Directed and Choreographed by Bence Vagi. Musical directed by Zoltan Kovacs. Written by Katalin Fekete. Actors: Agota Simenfalvy and Gabor Farkas (Hungary).

“Personal Photographs as Source of the Actor’s Scenic Material”
Workshop with Tres Teatro - Valentina Franchino, Briana Zaki, Maria Jose Contreras (Italy).

"Aspirante Martire"
Performance with Tres Teatro - Valentina Franchino, Briana Zaki, Maria Jose Contreras (Italy).

"Improvisation & Spontaneity in Performing Arts"
Workshop with Sergei Ostrenko - director and teacher (Russia).


"Real Time Theatre Collaboration Goes International:
Merging Traditional Staging, I2 Technology, & Research”
Presentation with John Wayne Shafer - actor, director, teacher (USA).

"Headless - Love on The Other Side"
Performance by SU-EN - actor, performer, teacher (Sweden).

Introduction to SU-EN butoh method
Presentation and demonstration of video clips with SU-EN Butoh Company (Sweden).

"Transformation and Contemplation: Understanding Your Voice"
A series of lessons in Transformational Movement
(based in the Feldenkrais Method) combined with voice and text.
Workshop with Sheila Gordon - actor and director, Assistant Professor of Acting and Voice at Southwest Missouri State University (USA).



"Theatricality in Non-Theatrical Music".
Lecture with Victor Copytsko - composer, musicologist, conductor, director, member of IUGTE (Belarus).

"Anatomy of An Action"
Workshop with Sheldon Deckelbaum - director, teacher, playwright (USA).

"Soul Murder and the Tragic Art" - the monologue of Agave from the Bacchae
Presentation with Andonia Cakouros - actress, choreographer, director, writer, teacher (USA).

"Exercises from Commedia dell’Arte for Developing Contemporary Characters"; "Centering Exercises for Actors and Dancers"
Workshops with Judith Chaffee - teacher, choreographer, performer (USA).

"CDCE - Improvisation Method" "CDCE – work demonstration".
Workshop and demonstration with Nelia Pinheiro, Rafael Laitao - Évora Contemporary Dance Company (Portugal).

Director's Laboratory (Russian Tradition):
"Director from Reading the Play till Meeting the Actors".
Workshop with Sergei Ostrenko - director, choreographer, teacher (Russia).

"Moving in and out of Clothes"; "Light in Hand"
Workshops with  Karen Krolak - choreographer, costume designer and Jason Ries - director, designer (USA).

"Applying accents of movement in contemporary theatre with the methods of early 20th century cabaret performance".
Workshop with Bence Vagi - dancer, choreographer (Hungary).

"Creating Work from found text. A movement workshop: How to bring text to life"
Workshop with Stacey Cervellino - actor, singer, writer, director (USA).

“Family Theatre as an Art Form”
Lecture-work demonstration with Penny Day, Rob Wellington, Jim Lewis, Anne-Louise McWilliam - Purple Turtle Theatre Group (Hong Kong).



"Pencak Silat in the Training of Theatre Practitioners"
Workshop with  Prof. Dr.Haji Zainal Abdul Latiff - teacher, professor, performer (Malaysia).

Workshop on Aerial Theatre and aerial solo show "Out Of The Blue"
with Mara Neimanis - actor, performer, teacher (USA).

“Improvisation and Spontaneity in Performing Arts” 
Workshop with Sergei Ostrenko - teacher, director (Russia).

"Animal Body in Performing Shakespeare"
A One-Woman Performance with Sheila Gordon -  actor, professor and director, Assistant Professor of Acting and Voice at Southwest Missouri State University (USA).

Improvisation & Writing Workshop
with Rebecca Lister - playwright and teacher (Australia).

"Journey" (Espacio de Participación Teatral)
Workshop and performance with D'Aigua People's Theatre (Spain).


"Distinct, Efficient and Pleasing"
(Three Steps to Standard American English Dialect)
Workshop with Natalie Baker Shirer - Associate Professor, Speech and Phonetics, Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, Pittsburgh, PA (USA).



"Strasberg Sense Memory through Animal Observation as Applied to Shakespeare". The workshop on developing Shakespearean characters in the method by Lee Strasberg.
Workshop and presentation with Sheila Gordon - Assistant Professor, Voice and Acting; Southwest Missouri State University (USA).


"Sounding Dance"
Workshop with Pamela Gay Woods - dancer, choreographer, teacher (UK)


"Falling Among the Nettles"
Performance with Pamela Gay Woods - dancer, choreographer, teacher (UK)


"The research into Native Performance Culture"
Presentation with Floyd Favel - actor, director, choreographer, playwright (Canada)


"Actor's Improvisation in the Course of Through Action" and workshop "Actor's Training of Scenic Action Improvisation".
Presentation with Leonid Ostropolsky - Associate Professor of the Chair of Acting Art and Stage Direction of the Kiev Karpenko-Kary State Institute of Theatrical Art (Ukraine).


"The Russian Theatre tradition and the method and practice by Anatoly Vasilyev"
Presentation with Eugenia Rozanova - theatre critic, manager of A.Vasilev’s theatre “School of Dramatic Art” (Russia).


"Feldenkreis Method as the Science and Art of Human Movement"
Presentation with Ramona Galkina - dancer, choreographer (Latvia).


"Art Pedagogics. Art Therapy"
Presentation with Maia Valtze (Dr. paed) - Latvia.


"Psychodrama and Sociology"
Presentation with Viesturs Rudzitis - physician, psychodramatist (Latvia).


"Work with Images"
Presentation with Erika Krumpane - psychiatrist (Latvia).


"Dance-movement Therapy"
Presentation with Indra Mayore - clinic psychologist, dance therapeutist, scientific advisor of IUGTE creative laboratory (Latvia).


"Principles of Improvisation. Investigation of Spontaneity"
Presentation with Sergei Ostrenko - theatre director, teacher (Russia).


"Color Psychology and Art Therapy"
Presentation with Era Zaltzmane - artist, psychologist (Latvia).


"Contact Improvisation and Movement Training for Actors"
Practical workshop with Andrei Andrianov - performer, dancer, choreographer (Russia)
and Sergei Ostrenko - choreographer, director, teacher (Russia-UK).

"Russian Authentic Singing for Actors"
Practical workshop with Inna Mitskevich - musician, singer, teacher (Latvia).

"Actor's Technique and Methods of Rehearsing in Russian Theatre Tradition using the plays of A.Chekhov"
Practical workshop with Vladimir Sheblikin - theatre director and teacher (Russia).