Venue - Retzhof Castle

The Retzhof Education Institute is located in Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria
Leitring bei Leibnitz town lies in the "Green Heart" of Austria in Styria wine Region, in original - "Steiermark". It is located about 30min drive from Graz Thalerhof Airport, 2.5h from Vienna, 40min from Graz, and just 20min from the Slovenian border. See location on the map.

IUGTE can help participants to organize accommodation and meals at Retzhof Guest House. There are single and twin rooms. All the rooms have telephone, TV, radio, shower with wc, hairdryer and shower gel. There is free Wi Fi and LAN Internet connection in the castle. 
There are bikes available for the guests to rent.

Everything is organized at the same territory: creative space, accommodation and full board, so participants can concentrate on creation and communication without distracting to routine necessaries. 

Moreover, Retzhof is a disability-friendly hotel with accommodations and spaces designed to ensure accessibility for wheelchair users and people with mobility problems. 

Retzhof Tavern offers award-winning cuisine in the best traditions of Styria region and use locally produced products. The meals are for non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Vegetables and salad bars are important parts of lunch and dinner, and there are vegetarian choices at every meal. 
Whenever possible the Tavern accommodates special dietary needs (allergies or food intolerance). 

Approximate prices for accommodation and meals:
Accommodation in shared twin room (two persons share the room with separate bedsis 48 EUR per person per day including three meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 
Single room is 56 EUR per day. Please note that there is tourism tax 1,50 EUR per day. Discounts for students are available (only upon providing ID student card).
Please note that all prices are subject to change and regulated by Retzhof administration. The organizers will try to notify participants in case of any changes.

Be aware that from January, 2019 prices will change. 
The approximate prices for the accommodation & food in shared twin room: 60,00 EUR (full-board), 
Single room 68,00 EUR. Additionally, tourism tax in amount of 1,50 EUR (tax per night/person). To know precise prices we recommend to contact hotel directly by email: 

IUGTE is preparing the group accommodation list in advance. 
The participants should make the payment for their room and meals directly to the Retzhof reception upon arrival.

How to Get Here?

The nearest international airports are located in Graz (Flughafen Graz) and Vienna (Flughafen Wien)It is also possible to travel from Klagenfurt airport
Search for convenient flight options via SkyScanner

From the airports there is a train to Leitring bei Leibnitz. From Graz Airport there is a direct train, the trip will take about 30 min; 
getting from Vienna Airport the trip will take about 3,5h. From Leitring bei Leibnitz it is just 2min by taxi to Retzhof castle.

The train tickets can be purchased in the automatic ticket machine at the train platform. 

Getting from Graz Airport

There is a direct train from Graz Airport ("Flughafen Graz") to Leibnitz ("Leibnitz Bahnhof"). 
The train station is located 350m from the airport (approx 10 min walk) - simply follow the train station sign. 
You should take the train with the direction: "Spielfeld-Straß" from Platform One. 

The trip by train will take about 25 min. The train schedule and ticket price can be checked on: (information in English is available). 
From Leibnitz station it's about 2min by taxi to Retzhof Castle (Schloss Retzhof). 

It is also possible to get a taxi from Graz Airport directly to Schloss Retzhof. 

Getting from Vienna Airport

Depending on the travel start time, there can be different options in transportation from Vienna Airport - a train or a bus, and there are several changes on the route, there are no direct ways.
For example, one of the options from Vienna Airport ("Flughafen Wien") can the following:

1) From Vienna airport take the train Nr7 to Vienna Rennweg.
2) At Vienna Rennweg take the train Nr.2 to Vienna Meidling.
3) At Vienna Meidling take the train Nr.753 to Graz Hbf. 
4) From Graz station take the train to Nr.5 to Leibnitz.

From Leibnitz station it's about 2min by taxi to Retzhof Castle (Schloss Retzhof). 

The exact details for particular departure time should be checked on Austria transport portal 
In the search you should indicate departure "Flughafen Wien", destination - "Leibnitz Bahnhof". 

For participants travelling within Europe, it is also possible to take a train to Leibnitz. The train schedule and ticket price can be checked on: (information in English is available). 

IUGTE staff will be glad to help you in planning your itinerary!