What is notable about IUGTE programs? 
Our main principle and interest is work in cross-cultural and multidisciplinary groups. Why? 
The answer is simple: In real life and professional practice, we always have to work and collaborate as professionals. 
This means the ability to establish an effective relationship with colleagues, to be open to embracing other cultures and their dance/theatre traditions and work together to create something big.
IUGTE Programs of Physical Theatre, Theatre Directing, Choreography

International workshops, laboratories, certificate programs and production projects for dancers, actors, circus performers and artists from various techniques, eager to experience new approaches to performance making in Physical Theatre

International intensives, workshops, diploma and certificate programs, production projects for practicing and emerging theatre directors interested in gaining new skills, tools and knowledge for making contemporary performance and shows

International intensives, workshops, diploma and certificate programs, production projects for choreographers interested to
learn new approaches to choreography and movement in performance

IUGTE Performing Arts Conference

Annual Conference "
Performing Arts Between Tradition & Contemporaneity" 
Theatre - Dance - Music - Visual and Multimedia Art - Arts Administration - Performing Arts Training - 
Theatre Design & Technology



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"The methods and techniques that I experienced were varied and I could relate to them from my own practice but these were of a deeper level and intensity in terms of action and energy. The style of taking a participant, be it a director or an actor was of equality and an openness to ‘play’ it was this sense of safety and clarity that enabled the theatre moments to spark off one another. I am committed to the development of my directing craft within an international context and becoming pat of the IUGTE theatre family has made my vision clearer of creating new work by giving way to more questions about identity, action and story. I hope to continue my journey with IUGTE and to continue to deepen the excellence of my directing".
Nazli Tabatabai, UK

"An excellent opportunity to network with practitioners from all continents. International collaborations might be explored as a direct consequence of this experience, providing new opportunities that would not have risen otherwise". 
Yolanda Aguilar, UK

"It was like a circle, in which you give your best and receive the best from all the others, creating a common energy and material. An 100% positive experience".
Edite Amorim, Spain