Welcome to IUGTE Events 2017-2018! 

What is notable about IUGTE programs? 
Our main principle is practice in multidisciplinary and multicultural groups. 
Why multidisciplinarity and multiculturality? 
The answer is simple. In real life and professional practice we always have to work and collaborate as a team of specialists
This means the ability to finely establish effective relationships with colleagues. 
This requires mutual understanding and particular art in today's changing world
Our programs provide a unique opportunity to practice in groups with colleagues from various disciplines
Such practice creates a "full circle", completeness, mutual exchange and complementarityso valuable and unique in any creative process in the world of arts!

Winter School of Physical Theatre Lab - February 2018 - Austria

The program e is specifically designed to prepare 
participants for a professional practice, 
both within the educational context and within the professional development of performers. 


International intensives, workshops and production projects
for practicing and emerging theatre directors interested 
 to refresh their directing arsenal and to gain helpful practical tools  
for mounting contemporary performances

Arts Administration Department

International projects open to performing arts managers, arts administrators, arts entrepreneurs, producers and talent managers, working in various creative industries, seeking further professional development and international networking.

Physical Theatre Lab - May 2014 - Italy

  Department of Physical Theatre
International workshops, laboratories and production projects 
for dancers, actors, circus performers - artists from various techniques and genres 
inspired by Physical Theatre as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional 
approach to contemporary theatre performance.

Physical Theatre Lab - July 2015 - Austria

International annual multidisciplinary 
residential program 
at the XV century castle in Austria, open to performers from diverse 
artistic backgrounds, searching for creative collaboration in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment
. T
he platform for artistic exchange, networking, and searching the universal “intercultural” language 
in contemporary performance.  


The program 
is designed for creative and enthusiastic individuals, 
arts administrators, theatre directors and stage managers,
curious and passionate about performing arts, motivated to learn and ambitious to develop their career at international level.

Film & Video Department
International workshops and projects open to 
film and video makers, interested in 
exploration of the bridge and collaboration 
between filmmaking and performing arts, 
searching for new networks 
and challenging projects inspired by 
performing arts world
IUGTE Conference 2014

International annual conference 
"Theatre Between Tradition & Contemporaneity: Theatre - Dance - Music - Visual and Multimedia Art - Arts Administration - Performing Arts Training - 
Theatre Design & Technology".

IUGTE Performing Arts Camp 2016

nternational annual multidisciplinary residential program
for performing arts practitioners from different countries and techniques
 based at the XII century Monastery in Italy.
The program offers the unique time and space for meeting new friends, refreshing creative ideas, generating new creative initiatives and collaboration with like-minded arts people.

choreographydates 2014

International intensives, workshops and production projects
 for professional choreographers interested to 
about ensemble building, structuring the rehearsal process and 
to network with practitioners from different countries.