Arts Administration Department 
Organized by
IUGTE in collaboration with NIPAI
“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”
― Albert Einstein

Are you an arts administrator interested in practice? 
Travel to another country, meet new people, communicate, try new things!

IUGTE Arts Administration Department is open to aspiring performing arts managers, arts administrators, arts entrepreneurs, producers and talent managers from different countries, seeking further professional development, international networking and inspiring ideas.

NIPAI at IUGTE also offers a 18-month Arts Management Diploma Course, 1-Year Certificate Program, in-depth 3-week and 6-week workshops. For aspiring creative leaders looking to gain a hands-on education in the craft and business, NIPAI aims to provide one of the best professional education for students of all types and backgrounds. Find out more... 

Candidates interested in arts administration practice have opportunity to join any of IUGTE international performing arts projects - from three-day workshop up to nine-week long production. 

IUGTE projects allow arts administrators to get inspired by the unique connection of various arts disciplines in multicultural and multilingual environment, collaborating side by side with representatives of various professional backgrounds. 

Depending on the project format and length, arts administrators can develop practical understanding of the arts manager's role specifics, its effectiveness, flexibility and proactivity, and experience a variety of relationships with various professionals - performers, artists, academics, technical crew, audiences, boards of management, mass media, etc. in order to develop a practical knowledge applied to a specific project - from organization of a short workshop to a full performance production in a repertory theatre.

The programme focus, time frame and conditions are designed individually for each candidate.  

Participants can receive IUGTE Certificate. 


If you would like to discuss the opportunity of your practice at IUGTE event, 
please tell us more about yourself: send the formal letter-application stating your motivation and goals how your participation in IUGTE event will contribute to your professional development, describe any skills, qualifications, and past experience - your activities in your country and other countries, current involvement in any artistic projects; any special expectations, requests, practical skills and abilities, etc. Describe in detail in what capacity practically you see your involvement in IUGTE project. The letter can be written in free form and submitted in Word or PDF format. 
Please also attach the following documents: detailed CV; latest head shot with 2-3 additional photos; any additional material describing professional experience: web links to past projects, photo, video, reviews, articles, interviews, etc.


"IUGTE network meeting helped me to gain experience and expand my knowledge and skills in arts organization, as well as to expand my professional network"
Melek Can, Turkey

"I believe my participation in the IUGTE Arts Management Lab enhanced my development as an arts manager. The lab enabled me to collaborate with a diverse group of young professionals, whom have become a part of my professional network and whom I hope to collaborate with in future. I believe that the bringing together of the creative and management ideas within the group highlighted the broad scope of ideas for both these projects, as well as future projects which we may work on. The program also forced members of the group to think and react to the different issues being raised. Personally, I greatly benefited from the awareness of differences within the international arts community".
Kristopher Kaye, UK

"That was a very intense time in company of passionate and
dedicated persons, all giving insight in different and partly complicated areas. Being concrete and precise in some things helped me to practice concentration again"
Xenia Gusev, Germany