Organized by
  IUGTE in collaboration with NIPAI
Postgraduate Diploma Program in Performing Arts and Theatre Directing

18 month Postgraduate Diploma Course in Theatre Directing

2019 - 2020
Next program start in August 2019
Berlin - Germany

International practical course under the guidance of Sergei Ostrenko with the opportunity to direct a performance in a theatre organization! 

The program is designed for those who already are directors, or experienced actors, dancers and choreographers interested in beginning a career as a director. The programme is open to advanced candidates with professional stage experience - performing arts practitioners working in various genres, techniques and styles


This Course enables participants to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which are essential to a career as a theatre director. 
Participants will become acquainted with the key principles of a director's preparation under Ostrenko Method, which is 
formed and inspired by the
Russian Theatre Tradition
The programme  focuses on gaining the necessary practical tools in order to create a performance: analysis of the material and composition of the performance idea, composition of the form and the artistic space of the performance, development of a directing strategy, of a method of work with the actors and of a successful rehearsals planning. The understanding of the basic principles of a methodological directing approach concerns any genre, whether it is a drama performance, dance performance, physical theatre performance or musical theatre. Participants will also acquire an informed experience, knowledge and understanding of the work of the professional director with key collaborators such as stage designer, 
choreographer, composer
 and other members of the production team. 

Our team members are experts and professionals in the field of performing arts, social science, culture and arts management aiming to give the highest level of excellence in studies, organization of work, research, and creative endeavors.​

This course enables participants to develop directing skills through a hands-on approach. On secondment, participants are given a number of opportunities to work with actors and other collaborators in order to create a theatre piece. This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills that will enable to begin a career as independent director.

The organizers will support students in their final study project - Graduation Performance, which should be produced in any country and in any organization!
After students defend their Graduation Performance on the premier night, they get Diploma in Theatre Directing issued by New International Performing Arts Institute. 

NIPAI Diploma Course in Theatre Directing is the top qualification for practice-based learning as a theatre director. It prepares students to develop careers as theatre directors at international level. This course represents a wonderful chance to improve specific skills with the aim to create contemporary professional productions, an excellent opportunity to find collaborators and partners for future creative work and gain new experience of creative collaboration in a multicultural and multilingual theatre environment. 

The course programme includes the introductory course, the long-distance tasks, mentoring of final graduation performance and the period of performance creation by student. 

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"The methods and techniques that I experienced were varied and I could relate to them from my own practice but these were of a deeper level and intensity in terms of action and energy. The style of taking a participant, be it a director or an actor was of equality and an openness to ‘play’ it was this sense of safety and clarity that enabled the theatre moments to spark off one another. I am committed to the development of my directing craft within an international context and becoming pat of the IUGTE theatre family has made my vision clearer of creating new work by giving way to more questions about identity, action and story. I hope to continue my journey with IUGTE and to continue to deepen the excellence of my directing".
Nazli Tabatabai, UK

"An excellent opportunity to network with practitioners from all continents. International collaborations might be explored as a direct consequence of this experience, providing new opportunities that would not have risen otherwise". 
Yolanda Aguilar, UK

"It was like a circle, in which you give your best and receive the best from all the others, creating a common energy and material. An 100% positive experience".
Edite Amorim, Spain