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December 18 - 22, 2014


Exhibition by Artists of Carrara

IUGTE Conference is glad to present the multidisciplinary art exhibition and the opportunity to meet with the local artists of Carrara city -
sculptors, painters, graphic designers, illustrators, costume designers and scenographers.
Giulia Bellè

Giulia Bellè is passionate about art, photography, and especially theater in all its forms.
She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in Stage Design (2011) and currently completing the final year of specialization in Stage Design.

In 2012 Giulia got the National Arts Award in Stage Design for the project "Dido and Aeneas" by Henry Purcell. 

Giulia is very active in her creative life and takes part in various performance productions and arts events. Among the most significant projects there are "Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare (2009), "Lisistrata" at Animosi Theatre (2009), "Macbeth" at Malaspina Castle in Massa (2009), "God" (2009), "Fools" by Neil Simon at the international festival "Teatro Lab" in Castelnovo ne'Monti (2010), "Molto rumore per nulla" at Malaspina Castle in Massa (2010), "Sonate of Erosion" at Biennale of Sculpture in Carrara (2010), various collabration projects with Association Casa Betania in Massa (2010-2011), "Hamletmachine" at Piccolo Teatreo Versilia (2012), "Meccanismi Teatrali" of the theatre laboratorium Specchi Magici in Massa at Teatro Guglielni (2014), "Oscar" at the theatre company "Anonymous" (2014), and many other creative projects and initiatives.
Giulia is always interested in learning new techniques and expanding her creative scope by attending theatre workshops, masterclasses and conferences and contributing her art to special projects. More information on Giulia's art:
Gabriele Mosti

Gabriele, born in Massa and currently living in Carrara, graduated from the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Sculpture, with the thesis in History of Art "Giuseppe Bartolozzi and Clara Tesi: The Poetry of the Matter"For Gabriele the sculpture resembles poetry, musicality of the words. Just like a poet plays with words, punctuation and pauses, so does the sculptor with shapes and volumes, solids and voids, seeking harmony between the elements and the balance of the composition. The art of sculpture lies in discovering the shapes and spirits hidden in the stone living in the reality of things and the human expression. In his art Gabriele enjoys playing with shapes turning them into something similar to dreams.
The scuplture by Gabriele Mosti participated in exhibitions and competitions all around ItalyArtexpo in Arezzo (2011), Biennale of Dressed Stone in Castel San Niccolò (2011), "It was in May" at the former Furnace Pasquinucci Capraia Fiorentina (2012), "Paths in the Air" at the Archaeological Park of San Vincenzino, Cecina (2013), "Finally a pair of shoes" organized dall'AIDO Empoli and subsequent collective held in Capraia Fiorentina (2013), Artist Fair in La Spezia (2013), "information" at the art gallery Bandini, Cecina (2014), Art-Bologna Fair, the sculpture symposium Bazzano (Bologna, 2014), symposium of sculpture Bazzano and permanent exhibition at Castle of Bentivoglio, Bazzano (2014), "The Cross of the Redeemers" by the Diocese of Pontremoli, Carrara (2014), "First Symposium of Sculpture Terrad'Arna" at the Castle of Civitella d'Arna (2014). More information on Gabriele's art:
Tiziana Ricci

Tiziana Ricci is born in Carrara and active in visual art and illustration since early age. She got her Master's Degree in Illustration for Publishing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata (2014), as well as the Degree in Comics and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (2012). 

During the last years she gained versatile experience in illustration and graphics working in the world of publicity for such names as Redbull, Peugeot, Illy, Leroy Merlin, Kinder, Nivea, Neutro Robewrts, Campari and many others. 

Her activity in commercials runs parallel to the art activity in book illustration and exhibitions. Mixing the skill of painter/illustrator and photographic editor, even in the most simple photo editing Tiziana approches her works creatively as the illustrator.

Creative works by Tiziana took part in various exhibitions and competitions: ACME Annual Event for young artists in Sarzana (2012), Carrara Marble Weeks (2012), Five Fingers; exhibition-competition (Bologna, Hamburg, Paris, Tokyo, New York) for Academy of Art, organized by the Bologna Children's Book Fair (2011), Show-competition of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (2010). More information on Tiziana's art:

Daniele Eschini

Daniele has always been interested and active in sculpture. He has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara. The topic of his thesis was very special and rare - “Microsculpture”. This is the artistic direction that he has been performing and developing.

Small details, carved on the ead of pencil, in wood, or directly on the lead, reminds us that sculpture is not only marked by the features of the gigantic creation of the masters and that also in the city of marble, new art waves can be developed. 

The greatness of the art spirit lies also in the ability to immerse in the smallest details.

Sonia Ravenna

Sonia Sonia was born in Pietrasanta, but has always lived in Carrara. 
She specializes in Direction and Screenplay at "National Academy of Cinema" in Bologna with the creation of the short film "My problem? Mobile phones!". Sonia also got a degree in Stage Design and Costume from the Academy of Fince Arts in Carrara with the thesis "The Maresc'ale d' Carara".

During the last years Sonia has deepened her knowledge, collaborating with various local artistic initiatives. She has worked as a toolmaker with "Association Coro Lirico La Spezia" on the realization of the project "La Boheme" (La Spezia in 2014), collaborated with the “Associazione Orchestra Giacomo Puccini” on the realization of the Lyric opera "Madame Butterfly" (Carrara, 2012). Sonia participated as a costume and stage designer in the opera project "Tosca" organized by "Association Orchestra Giacomo Puccini" (Castelnuovo Magra, 2009). In 2013 she participated in the creation of set design and costumes for the Lyric opera "Dido and Aeneas" by Henry Purcell organized by the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara in collaboration with the Conservatory "Paganini" (Carrara, 10-11 May 2013; Genoa 14 to 15 May 2013). 

In July 2014 Sonia presented her thesis "The Maresc'ale d 'Carara" with the traveling show that represented the revolt of Carrara women against the German troops occupation which took place on July 11, 1944. In this project Sonia took care of all project aspects starting from the script direction, costume and set design (Carrara, 2014). Sonia also took part in various artistic events such as the installation for the exhibition "Artemigratoria" (2011).

Federico Brambilla

Federico Brambilla is versatile artist working is various techniques. He graduated from Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Visual Arts with the thesis "Theatrical Costume. A Door to Imagination", a work on the characters and costumes for J.R.R. Tolkien “Silmarillion”. 

Federico's works took part in numerous exhibitions including the solo exhibition "Before the Story Restart" at Falteri Florence Gallery located in the cradle of Renaissance, Florence.

Today Federico is active in painting and ilillustration. He lives in Carrara and holds many different activities to share the experience of art with people both in conventional galleries as well aspublic spaces, like the beautiful square in front of the thousand year-old church of Carrara. Sometimes people come to see art, and sometimes the art is coming to see people, the art can grow only when both are present.

Marcello Nesti "Mark"

Marcello Nesti “Mark” is Carrara native, graduated from Carrara Academy of Fine Arts and received the diploma in Decoration.

In 2002 by the suggestion of the Teacher Lattanzi, he has introduced the manuscript to Professor Mario Costa, teacher of Aesthetics near the university of Salerno and Methodology of the Criticism near the university in Naples, as well as administrator of a series of publishing publications related to the artistic sector. The thesis has been published with the title Ornament & West The Lattanzi Case (Necklace of Aesthetics, Cuzzolin Editore). 

Active in the field of graphics and design Mark participated in different national and international contests of ideas: Contest “OLED design contest” 05, “You Kore” 05“, The hearth of Venice” 06, "Color designer" 07, "Harmony Cordis" 07, "Eureka aluminum" 07. After a couple of years, in 2009, he introduced an one man show to Marina di Massa Authorities devoted to the “Metropolis”, his activities and paintings has been shown in different cities and venues. Mark also took part in graphic projects and publications of advertising for indie events. 

The creative works of the last years introduce this new series of paintings devoted to the “City” in which Marcello is exploring the cheerful and optimistic poetics and style. 
More information on Mark's art:

Nastasia Grillotti "Nasty"

“Bisogna fare della propria vita una opera d’arte”  (You have to make an art piece from your life) - this was the motto of Italian 20th century poet Gabriele d’Annunzio. This is the aim of many, Nastasia is trying to live according to this motto every day.

Nastasia has always craved for various and multidisciplinary experience as much as possible. She graduated from Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Graphic Art. Afterwards she successfully completed the Master in Graphic and Web Design in Florence. Nastasia also studied film direction at Anna Magnani School in Prato, and today is active as the assistant director working on the movie “The way of Freedom” with the director Piero Orlandi.

Nastasia has a multidisciplinary approach in her creative work. During the last years she has been actively collaborating with independent artists, various artistic projects and groups with visual art performances and happenings.
Francesco Tufo

Francesco, born in the middle of Italy (Assisi), got Bachelor degree in Sculpture and currently is studying at the Master course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. He is the student of the sculptor Franco Mauro Franchi. 

Beside the scultpure Francesco is also interested in design and illustration. In 2007 he has created the logo symbol of the Peace Knights for the “International Center for the Peace between People” of Assisi, where the world peace march is held every year. In 2008 he created illustrations for the book "Perugia treasures of the campaign".

In the last years Francesco created sculptures for many differents venues, events and contests: "Perugia Tesori della Campagna" (2008), "Miracolo" in honour of Marino Marini (2009), "3 Giorni di Scultura" in S.Feliciano (2010), 4 editions of "Vicoli in Arte" in Perugia (2010), “Arte e Scultura" Città della Pieve" (Pg) (2011), "Corciano Festival" in Corciano (2012), M.A.G. 8° in Marsciano (Marsciano art young people - 2012), 5th Symposium in Red Marble Sassetta (2013), "Art Fair" in Bologna (2014), "The Cross of the Redeemers" by the Diocese of Pontremoli, Carrara (2014), "Humus Park" - the international land art meeting” of UNESCO heritage in Polcenigo (2014). In August 2014 Francesco organized the "1st Symposium Land of Arna" in Civitella d'Arna, on the occasion of the" Feast of the Bells". More information on Francesco's art:
Tommaso Milazzo

Tommaso Milazzo was born in Pietrasanta, he lives in Viareggio and carries out artistic and craft activities in Pietrasanta.

Tomasso obtained his Diploma di Maturità from the Liceo Artistico Statale in Lucca and his diploma in Visual Arts and Performance Arts, specializing in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.

While still in senior high school, he became enthralled with sculpture and began stone and plaster restoration at the Istituto d’Arte in Lucca. The techniques were subsequently perfected while working in the stone laboratory of the “Michelangelo Quarry” in Carrara. 

The creative works by Tomasso took part in numerous exbitions and contests: The second life of the marble art of recycling of marble and pietra by Association Artime in Carrara (2008), Torano Amore Mio, Centro Storico, Torano (2009); Infieri, Palazzo Ducale, Massa (2009); Viareggio Art Project at Musei Civici Villa Paolina Bonaparte, Viareggio (2009), Simposio città di Viareggio (2010), Biennale della Pietra Lavorata at Castel San Niccolò (2011), Artisti di mare at Club Nautico Versilia, Viareggio (2011), Meeting Art at Park Hotel, Lido di Camaiore (2012), Massarosart at Palazzo Comunale, Massarosa (2012), Esposizione Internazionale D’arte 2013, Chai du terral, Saint jean de Vedas, Montpellier (2013), Simposio Internazionale di Scultura Angelo Zanelli in Rezzato (2013).

Tomasso is presently enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in the biennium specialized program in Sculpture. More information:

Sandra Ventarelli

Sandra graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in Stage Design and Costume, and right now completing her studies in Plastic Arts and Sculpture (Sandra also had the training and internship study in Plastic Arts in Warszaw in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw).

She has a long line of activity and experience that involved collaboration in theatre production with “Living Theatre Europe” on different projects, in music production, design, installations and mixed art performance and dance.

Some of the significant events Sandra took part: “Green terror” (theatre), “Miscellaneous matters” (music), “Artemigratoria” (mixed art installation) and installations in the exhibition area of Euroflora Genova 2010.

Sandra's experience touch also dance with the stage and performance of Theatre Dance with the company "Balletto Civile" under the guidance of Michela 
Alem Teklu

Alem Teklu was born in Adwa, Ethiopia in 1976. She has completed her secondary education and immediately started working in order to help her family. A neighbor told her of employment opportunities in the Middle East and how their lives had changed financially. She was persuaded and borrowed money to pay broker in order to travel to Bahrain. On arrival, she discovered the employment situation to be very different and was extremely tiresome (16 hours a day for a non-reasonable salary.) After three years she has returned to Ethiopia with nothing except a valuable life experience.

She rehabilitated herself physically and mentally by establishing a small business and living with her family. Then, she commenced studies at the Addis Ababa University School of Fine Arts and Design. After four years of study, she has graduated in the field of sculpture earning a Diploma with distinction in 2002.

From these difficult experiences and the disappointment she had experienced, Alem wanted to inform her fellow young Ethiopians that the grass is not always greener on the other side. She decided to halt the flow migrants to the Middle East and rehabilitate the returnees. She opened an Art School called M.A.T.T. Fine-Art School and taught for two years graduating 200 students. Besides the education Alem provided them with other opportunities and offered the benefits that creative education can bring. She transferred the school to Mahtot Training and Rehabilitation Association.

In 2010, Alem commenced her studies in ceramics in Italy. Currently she is enrolled in Masters at Fine-Art Carrara Academy in Italy studying Marble Sculpture technique.

More information: 

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