International Conference "Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity"
Theatre - Dance - Music - Visual & Multimedia Art - Arts Administration - Performing Arts Training - Theater Design & Technology

December 18 - 22, 2014


Transforming Global Communities Through Collaboration and Creative Partnerships 

Interactive conversation, discussion and shared dialogue exploring the process and necessity of building partnerships between theatre artists and individuals and organizations in the non-arts related fields who are addressing global and local issues of social import. Speakers: Bari Hochwald (USA-Italy) - Founding Artistic Director of The Global Theatre Project located in Los Angeles, California & Florence, Italy, 
Professor Rita Shackel (Australia) - legal advocate and Associate Professor of law at Sydney Law School.  

Bari Hochwald began her career as an actress in regional theatres throughout the States. In 2005 she introduced a resident English language international theatre to Florence, Italy where, as Producing Artistic Director, she developed performances, projects and initiatives focused on bringing together the various and separated communities of the city. Currently Bari is Founding Artistic Director of The Global Theatre Project a US not-for-profit which utilizes the art of theatre to encourage a conscious and pro-active experience of living in this globalized world. Her focus is on the connecting point between the professional artist, students and community as they explore social issues of global and local impact.

Her directing credits range from the development of new works to the reinterpretation of old classics. As Artistic Director of The GTP, her directing includes The GTP’s inaugural event and first West Coast presentation of Being Harold Pinter in support of The Belarus Free Theatre with Ed Harris and James Cromwell, and the US premiere of A Stubborn Woman: a Theatrical Memorandum on Anna Politkovskaya by Stefano Massini which was performed bilingually (originally staged for Estate Firenze Festival, Florence). She has collaborated with organizations such as Amnesty International, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Social Justice and the International Women’s Media Foundation.

Bari received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and completed graduate studies at the American Repertory Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University where she received her professional status as a member of Actor’s Equity.

Rita Shackel is a legal advocate and professor of law at Sydney Law School. Her area of expertise is sexual violence and abuse of women and children. Her work is strongly interdisciplinary in nature and is directed towards strengthening legal and justice processes to better meet the needs of survivors of sexual and gender based violence. Currently Rita is leading a major research project investigating the efficacy of transitional justice for women affected by violence in Uganda, Kenya and DRC. Rita has published and presented her work widely on an international stage. She is actively involved in public interest and community justice pro bono work around the world.


Bari Hochwald and Rita Shackel are interested in creating a presentation that explores the process and demonstrates the power of this type of partnership from inception of the relationship to project completion. 

Bari Hochwald and Rita Shackel would use, their actual work in progress, as well as past experiences and lessons learned working with, for example, Amnesty International (both in the states and Italy) and Artemisia Centro Antiviolenza in Florence. 

The presentation will take the form of a shared dialogue with participants that will be framed by a practical activity involving participants in group work.

Bari Hochwald and Rita Shackel will utilize the voices of women who are participating in Rita’s current research project in Africa as case studies. These women are survivors of sexual and gender based violence. Their voices speak to their experiences of violence and their justice needs as they move towards healing and rebuilding communities. This material would provide the basis for an interactive component in our dialogue where we would break the participants up into groups and ask them to interpret, create and deliver a presentation of the voices in order to bring a living example to the interconnection between work such as Rita’s and the power of the theatre artist to validate that work for a greater community.

In a reflective dialogue with participants Bari Hochwald and Rita Shackel will use the presentation to encourage and advocate the necessity, in today’s world, for theatre to take a lead in transformative visions for humanity. Theatre artists must begin to reach out to non-theatre partnerships with all the power of the collective and communal processes they are experts in.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"