International Conference "Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity"
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December 18 - 22, 2014


In Search for Dissonant Harmony

Exhibition and presentation by Sara Csonka (Hungary) artistic name Evgeni Somarov
Animator and Comics Artist, Illustrator, the winner of IUGTE International Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists. 
The presentation takes place in the framework of IUGTE support and promotion programme for young talents and emerging artists.

Sara Csonka is the hungarian animator and comics artist. She lives and learns in Budapest. Visits the Hungarian High School of Fine Arts on motion picture faculty. 
Currently Sara is working on a project, for developing calligraphy and share stories in an old/newly rediscovered way – codex.
2012. 1st prize in Hungarian Comics contest, Think Globally. Group exhibition in Budapest, comics.

2013. wins jury’s prize at Gramic Awards Comics contest

          takes part in „24 hours of comics” Angouleme.

          makes presentation about Art in Hungary at Kaunas Jesuit High School, Lithuania.

          in September 2013 Sara becomes the winner of the International Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists organized by IUGTE and ArtUniverse. 

          in November 2013 Sara joins the creative team of the International Theatre Lab, as the visual artist, organized by IUGTE in collaboration with the Russian Repertory Theatre in Lithuania. The project unified the multidisciplinary team of actors, dancers, choreographers, circus performers, directors and filmmakers from 12 different countries - Poland, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Mexico, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark and Hungary. As the result of the Lab the performance was created. 

          in December 2013 Sara presents her creative work "Pouring Brain - Warm Thoughts in the Cold Winter" at IUGTE Conference at Bildungshaus Schloss Retzhof, Austria.

2013-2014. Group exhibition in German cities, „Toleranz in comics”.

2014. takes part in „24 hours of comics”, Angouleme.

          invited to „Vészfék”Arts Festival, Slovakia.

          takes part in Erasmus project MEET via VET, Northern Ireland.

  volunteers in Jameson CineFest International Film Festival, Hungary.


This comics work of mine is about a journey that finds you when you need it the most. 
When you have a crisis in your life and your lungs and mind cries for a deep breath. 
When you don't really care about the destination, but about the people and the obstacles you encounter through this walk out from the city...
The presentation will include comics and video demonstration.

Chasing/being chased by a past discovery. It is an ambivalent feeling, when a thought does not give you peace. Someway you have some kind of steadiness, permanency in your life. On the other hand it may disturb or dull you that this feeling does not leave your mind space for anything else.

It’s a strange thing to look for the same thing in every moment of life. When being in a bus, drawing comics, watching movies, listening to music. When you’re doing some artistic work it gives you a strong underside and safety, but in the end you realize that you’re not working anymore by your own artistic beliefs, but by statistics. 

Then this artistic process becomes pure science, mathematics. However it still can give us an experimental-like, random impression. That numbers and ratios can transform into an extreme spiritual experience. 

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"