International Conference "Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity"
Theatre - Dance - Music - Visual & Multimedia Art - Arts Administration - Performing Arts Training - Theater Design & Technology

December 18 - 22, 2014


S - 
Messing with Stravinski

Performance presentation by Parpignol Theatre (Italy) -
Francesco Marchesi, Valentina Paradiso, 
Paolo Giannelli, Andrea Mosti

Inspired by Stravinski music, traditional Russian fairytales and the Italian mask tradition -
a melting pot of music, classic theatre and dance evolving into a sensory theatre experience. 

The presentation takes place in the framework of IUGTE promotion programme for young talents.

Francesco Marchesi career is embedded with the mix of different performing arts and styles. 
A classic guitar laureate, Francesco studied acting and direction with different teachers and in 2011 successfully completed the "Opera Master" organized by Verona Opera Academy for Accademia Nazionale Silvio D'Amico in Rome and Accademia Cignaroli of Verona with world known names of Opera as De Bosio, Abbado, Principe, etc. In this world he has been in the direction team of Aida in the 89° Opera Festival in Verona and is currently part of NovOpera project for which he develop the direction of "Falstaff a pezzi" for the foundation "Arena di Verona". He has been semifinalist at the prestigious “RINGAWARD 2014 international competition for stage direction & design in Graz/Stiria”.

Meanwhile Francesco Marchesi has directed new and classical theatre performances, directed installation performance in collaboration with world known 
artist as Sam Durant, and is currently active also in musical in the direction team of the Italian musical "Cercasi Cenerentola" for Italian "Compagnia della Rancia".

The mix of different performing art experiences brought him to push Parpignol Interactive Theatre, of which is artistic director, from classic drama to interactive, multimedia theatre searching for a new way to join the peculiarity of different 
disciplines, to mix the classic tradition and the new technique to delivery not a performance but an unique experience.

Valentina Paradiso is dancing since early age and studied modern dance, musical, acting and singing with different international masters and choreographers. 

Winner of a main scholarship in "Tuscany Ballet" she is active with Italian companies with both local and international experiences as the 
Guadalajara International Dance Festival. 

As all the member of the performance she like the contamination and mixing of different performing arts and venues, being part of dance pieces, movies and currently working in Italian TV. 

She have been part of the first version of the Parpignol piece and will be the main dancing character of the performance.

Paolo Giannelli is a theatre and movie actor. 
He studied with different teachers from different fields as Beatrice Bracco, Micheal Margotta, Ivana Chubbuk,
Sergei Ostrenko, Valentino Villa, Michele Placido.

Specialized in method acting he played major parts both in some classic of theatre by Shakespeare, Aristofane, Checov, Pinter, Mamet, Wilde but also in some new independent production that explore less classical sides of performance.
Beside the theatre Paolo is active both in cinema and television were he lately starred in a serial for Fox TV in Italy.

Andrea "Chappo" Mosti, or "Chappo" for everybody, has walked many paths in and around the arts. As they say, every long trip starts with the first step. For Chappo this path started from the street art and his first experience in street performances. In 2008 Chappo got interested in the organizational side of creative work and started his career as the organizer and MC of events, such as the annual event "Massa Comics and Games".

In 2009 he first tried himself as the director, working on the classical comedies by Plauto. Chappo also created his first playwriting "Fantamy" and "La solita Americanata".

The passion for writing and creation brought him to his first published book, "Destiny of Held".
Chappo has also opened his own online Youtube channel.

Passionate about experimenting, Chappo always knows that whatever can happen in life, art and work has to be treated not too much seriously and this trust is a spring to push us to experiment with different forms of arts media.


“Make a wish…just one wish…”

S - Messing with Stravinski tells a story of wishes, greed and the pursuit of happiness, where just thin lines seems to mark the borders, the story of the human being mirrored in the life of a single man.

Inspired by Stravinski’s “Histoire du soldat”, S is the union of the traditional Russian fairy tales and the Italian mask’s tradition, Parpignol Theatre creates a melting pot of music, classic theatre and dance evolving into a sensory theatre experience.

Parpignol focus its works into blending classical text and styles into an immersing experience in which the audience is living and creating the story together with the company.
The purpose is to leave behind the word “performance” and welcome the word “experience”, personal, different, memorable.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"