Postgraduate Certificate Course in Physical Theatre
under the artistic direction of Sergei Ostrenko 


International practical course with the opportunity to take part in a performance in a Russian repertory theatre 
together with Russian actors and performers from different countries

Are you an experienced performer with strong background and versatile skills? 

Are you interested in challenging and discovering yourself in a new genre?

Do you need to refresh opportunities and get inspired?  

Are you seeking international network opportunities to find new collaborators and to start new interesting projects? 


The program is designed for experienced actors, dancers, choreographers, actors of physical theatre and contemporary circus performers - performing arts practitioners with professional stage experience working in various genres, techniques and styles. 


This postgraduate certificate is a continuing professional development course for experienced performers. Participants will create under the guidance of the Russian theatre director and teacher Sergei Ostrenko and the collaborators of OPAL (Ostrenko Performing Arts Lab).

The programme is focused on Ostrenko's method of actor’s training, which is formed and inspired by the Russian Theatre Tradition. Participants will practically explore physicality as the principal creative instrument, the key to form, style, atmosphere and emotional palette in contemporary performance, stepping beyond the limits of habitual text-based acting. Performer's physicality in the methods of Stanislavsky, Meyerhold and M.Chekhov, Meyerhold's Biomechanics Etudes, Tai-chi for actors, Training by method of improvisation, scene composition from exercises to performance: these are some of the elements uniquely transformed and combined in Ostrenko's teaching system.

The course programme includes long-distance training, practical residential sessions in Austria and Russia and secondment through international performance project, which will take place in a Russian repertory theatre, together with Russian actors and performers from different countries. Each session provides a unique opportunity to make useful contacts and meet potential collaborators and partners from different countries - theatre directors, producers, arts managers, agents and festival organizers.

Collaborating theatre companies will be drawn from a group of committed organisations. This group currently includes repertory theatres in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. 

Certificate Course in Physical Theatre represents a wonderful chance to improve skills, to find collaborators and partners for future creative work and gain new experience of creative collaboration in a multicultural and multilingual theatre environment


  • To provide unique international space stimulating actor's creativeness;

  • To create opportunity for new experience of creative collaboration in multicultural and multilingual theatre environment; 

  • To emphasize the heritage of the Russian Theatre Tradition as the source of precious professional knowledge for a performer in contemporary world of theatre;

  • To inspire the performers to search for the “intercultural” language of theatre in contemporary performance;

  • To enable artists to explore the infinite possibilities of the actor’s psycho-physical instrument, to step beyond the limits of habitual text-based acting;

  • To provide a safe place for creative risks and challenging environment for new professional skills - on the way to light, creative and joyful acting in the limited rehearsal time.
The course languages are English and Russian


Candidates should send the following documents to
  • Letter of motivation stating their interest in joining the course. 
  • Detailed CV describing all specific skills and abilities.  
  • Scanned copy of the passport.
  • Latest head shot and 2-3 additional photos.  
  • Any additional material describing professional experience: web links to past projects and performances, photo, video, reviews, articles, interviews, etc. 

Participants who will successfully finish the course will receive IUGTE 
 testifying that the candidate has completed the international 
IUGTE postgraduate course in Physical Theatre and took part in the performance as actor, in a Russian repertory theatre.


participation conditions, please Contact Us

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