"The Creation of Art in the Art therapy Educational Process to: 
Increase Self Awareness, Understanding of Concepts and 
Clarify Clinical Issues"

Presentation with Betty Hartzell (USA)

Betty Hartzell, PhD, ATR-BC, LPC is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Art Therapy Programs at Hahnemann / Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... Employed for thirty years as therapist, supervisor and administrator in mental health positions, currently maintains a private practice in Philadelphia. She has presented at conferences regionally, nationally and internationally and has taught at five colleges and universities in the Delaware Valley and continues to produce her own art work. Her main interests are Multicultural issues and Jungian Therapy. 


If creating art is powerful in therapy it stands to reason that it would serve an equally influential role in the educational process with art therapy students. Within the Art Therapy program at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania supervision of small groups of students (seven or eight) have long involved privately making artwork , writing an explanatory short statement and sharing these in class sessions. Lecture courses have often entailed using art making to understand concepts and theory however; assumptions were made about the process from the student’s viewpoint. A study was conducted to rectify this gap and clarify the three noted areas: self awareness, understanding of concepts and clarification of clinical issues, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The results confirmed the importance of this creative mode for the students and thus for the graduate program as a whole. Artwork included in the PowerPoint illustrates the issues noted. 

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