Maintaining Your Voice in Today’s Competitive Film & Television Writing Market

Presentation with Chad Parsons (USA)

Chad Parsons began his professional career as a stage actor in New York, later expading to Los Angeles to work in film and television. Eventually he began writing and stepped behind the camera to produce and direct. Chad continued to study the craft of screenwriting, working as a script reader for Southpaw Media and Eclectic Entertainment. Currently he works as a freelance writer for the big screen, television and stage, as well as fiction, nonfiction and critical analysis. When not writing, Chad is an active partner of Geric Properties, a housing development company with properties in Los Angeles, New York, Palm Springs and Vienna, which he shares with his partner, artist Wolfgang Bauer.  


• Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Creative Writing & Writing For The Performing Arts – University of California Riverside, Palm Desert, CA – 2012
• Bachelor of Arts (BA): Gender Studies & Screen Writing – University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA – 2007
• Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS): Acting – American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York, NY


• Emory Board – Screenplay – In Progress
• Personal Family Coordinator – Screenplay – In Progress
• Vienna On My Mind – Screenplay – 2012
• Chrismukkah – Screenplay – 2011
• Accusation ­– Screenplay – 2011
• Football of Sin – Screenplay – 2010
• Finding Albert Nude – Screenplay – 2010
• Mourning Mr. Willy – Screenplay – 2009
• Guns or Butter – Screenplay – 2008
• Humphrey – Animated Screenplay – 2007
• Bride’s Men – Screenplay – 2006
• Queer Day – Screenplay – 2006
• First Lady – Screenplay – 2004
• Leaving Alone – Screenplay – 2003
• The Piper – Screenplay – 2002
• Year 2001 – Screenplay – 2001

• Adam’s Firm – Pilot – In Progress
• Guns or Butter – Pilot – 2008
• Mr. Monk Can’t Hear The Music – Episodic – 2005

• Fat Girl – Short – 2009
• Marie’s Valentine – Short – 2000

• Galaxy 500 – Short Story
• Jihad – Short Story


Format of Presentation: powerpoint presentation with video clips. 

Chad Parsons will discuss how screen and television writers can employ the use of semiotics as a writing tool to maintain agency in their work, allowing them to dictate the underlying message system in their writing, while still adhering to the strict story guidelines necessary in today’s highly-competitive, corporate-owned, entertainment world. Chad Parsons will use examples of some of today’s popular films, where the writers have successfully used non-obvious, semiotics sign messaging to communicate their underlying agendas, whether political, social, cultural, ecological or anything else, without compromising the commerciality of their work.  

Chad Parsons believes finding alternative ways to maintain agency in one’s writing work is increasingly important in today’s multimedia world, where corporate conglomerate owners — interested only in the financial bottom line — have used their ownership power to steer the major studios into producing cookie-cutter projects which assure profits, yet erode the possibility of creative storytelling and quell the individual voice of the writer. The result is a steady stream of major studios productions consisting of nothing else but remakes, sequels and filmed versions of already successfully fiction and nonfiction novels and short stories. This severely limits the possibility of selling an original screenplay that doesn’t already have a significant, verifiable audience. But with the help of semiotic messaging, anyone hired to write one of the above screenplays, can easily make her voice heard.  

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"