The Power of Story In Song

Presentation with Dean Luethi (USA)

Dean Luethi is an Assistant Professor of Music in the College of Liberal Arts at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington where he directs the University Singers and VoJazz. In addition, Dean teaches choral music methods, studio voice and supervises student teachers.

He has presented papers at the international symposium on choral music Phenomenon of Singing in Newfoundland and Labrador and also at the International Conference of Arts and Humanities in Hawaii. This May 2012, Dean will travel to Cuba as a member of the International Conductors Exchange Program organized by the American Choral directors Association.


Format of Presentation: Lecture/Demonstration.

This proposed lecture/demonstration will bring to the forefront the problem of message fatigue in preparing music for the solo voice or choral ensemble or preparing actors for their craft. When one considers that the soloists/performer may have sung/performed the text many times over the course of a six-week rehearsal period it is understandable that the may performer struggle to extract the emotion out of the story. It is then a larger task to ask the performers to give the audience an aesthetic experience that aligns with the message of the music.

This lecture / demonstration will focus on tools the soloist/performer may use to sing/speak the text with vitality and deep understanding.
During the session Dean Luethi will ask members of the audience to participate by speaking a particular text of a song (of easy difficulty). The words of that song will then be discussed and the audience will then sing the piece a second time. Dean Luethi will then present creative writing, visual art, and sound examples that align with the message of the poetry. Participants will then sing the song a final time and discuss the outcome.

By incorporating outside creative writing, visual/performing art and sound examples into the practicing regimen of the soloists/performers, one can ensure a performance that provides the
audiences a worthwhile aesthetic experience that exhibits the power of the story in song.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"