From There to Here

Performance presentation with Pamela Crevcoure, Irene Mack-Shafer, Kelli Sanford-Burgoon and Michael Vamos (USA)

Pamela Crevcoure, creative artist, is the Costume Designer, Manager, The University of Akron, Ohio. Pamela has designed professionally and academically throughout the United States. She has numerous costume awards from ACTF. Education includes an MFA, Western Illinois University, a Baccalaureate Degree from The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Post-graduate credits in Art and Directing. The design award she treasures the most is for a musical theatre production of HECUBA, The University of Tulsa. The production featured newly composed music and dance set to an adaptation of Hecuba, including sculptural techniques and fabric modification which completed the traditional to contemporary transformation.

Irene Mack-Shafer, costume shop supervisor, The University of Akron, supervises a professional staff creating costumes for Dance, Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Opera. Irene has enjoyed using her craft to support productions at various theatres, universities, and museums in the nation. A professional patternmaker and cutter/draper, Irene assists area fashion designers and costumers in various independent projects, and designs and builds gowns for weddings, cotillions, and christenings.  Recent projects include The Great God Brown, Insomnia, collaboration with M Voli E, and support for the installation Exercising Ingenuity. Ms. Mack-Shafer holds Bachelor of Arts in Music and Master of Taxation Degrees. 

Kelli Sanford is the Artistic Director of RED Company in Akron Ohio. Ms. Sanford holds a Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance from Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from The University of Akron. Ms. Sanford is a Part-Time Assistant Lecturer in Dance at The University of Akron and was a Part-Time Lecturer in Dance at Case Western Reserve University. Ms. Sanford was selected as the Lead Artist in Dance for the city of Akron’s Summer Arts Experience program of 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Michael Vamos is a professional folk dancer who has been dancing since the age of 11. Currently, he dances for two professional folk dance companies: Csardas Dance Company, a Hungarian Dance Troupe based in Cleveland, Ohio; and Living Traditions Folk Ensemble, a Multi-ethnic Slavic and Hungarian Dance Troupe based in both Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio; both dance groups have performed all over the Ohio region and out of state on many occasions. A recent graduate from the University of Akron, he plans to return to school at Cleveland State University in pursuit of a degree in


Format of Presentation: performance followed by discussion. The discussion includes a visual story board outlining development followed by a question and answer session. 

Video fragment of the performance

This project features the collaboration and interdependency between visual and physical movement to create a piece of moving art. The idea of a sculpture that has come to life has motivated the ideas that inspired the piece. Instead of the audience moving around the sculpture, the sculpture (dancers) inspire images for the audience. 

Images (dance movements) are choreographed with the idea of keeping ethinicity and heritage alive but allowing it to transform into a modern vernacular. 

The project was inspired by a traditional Croation knitting technique that is formed into a piece of contemporary jewelry. That jewelry piece becomes the visual focal point of the costume.  The jewelry and the costume have inspired the choreography which leads back to the traditional ethnic dance technique that has transformed through a modern interpretation of traditional movement.

Learning about the Croation knitting technique inspired our team to delve into how to use it in a modern interpretation. Hence, the jewelry piece.  Once that was created, displaying the piece to its best advantage motivated the development of the costume piece. From the costume piece, it only seemed natural to create movement to feature the costume and jewelry. And Voila! A performing art piece to be shared. 

Pamela Crevcoure - Co-Project Leader/Costume Designer.
Irene Mack-Shafer - Co-Project Leader/Costume Shop Supervisor
Kelli Sanford - Choreographer/Dancer.
Michael Vamos - Choregrapher/Dancer.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"