Folklore in Performance and Cultural reception for an International Audience

Presentation by Geetha Creffield - MA in Performance and Culture, Goldsmiths College, University of London, Director, ACSian Theatre; writer, researcher, educator, speaker and teacher (Singapore/UK).

Geetha Creffield is a postgraduate student reading for a second MA in Performance and Culture at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She is doing the field work to start a PHD in Culture, sociology and performance. She is on professional development leave from her job as Head of department, arts in a high school in Singapore where she teaches and develops theatre and drama studies programmes. Geetha is the director of ACSian Theatre, a prize winning youth ensemble that travels extensively and performs across the world.


The poster board and media clip presentation deals with the artistic enterprise of communicating Asian folklore to an international audience. The folklore looked at is the Ramayana that originated in India and has disseminated to at least 6 Asian countries due to the Indianisational period in South East Asian History.

The Adventures of Rama. The focus of the presentation is on a case study of a page to stage exploration of collaborative and ensemble devised storytelling with a youth Ensemble. The target audience was international.

The presentation will deal with story boarding, workshopping dramaturgically and the semiotics and praxis of performance used in the creation of a Transcultural performance text that still retained its ethnic point of origin. The discussion uses Patrice Pavis and Pierre Bourdieu and Mikhail Bakhtin as the lenses for the discussion of culture in performance for an international consumer. 

The discussion will deal with the practical methodological approaches to collaborative creation. The media material will show the finished product that won 3 International First Prizes at the Prague 2013 New Space Dance Festival in the areas of Dance Theatre, Folk Theatre and the Audience Prix Prize.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"