“Actor’s On The Cusp – Foundation Training”

Presentation with Harris Jahim 

Harris Jahim is an actor, director, choreographer & fight choreographer with BA from Murdoch University (Australia) and trained at University of Miami’s Actor Training Program, followed by MFA from Florida Atlantic University and Ohio University’s Professional Actor Training Program, he studied voice with Arthur Lessac at the Lessac Research and Training Center (Santa Monica, CA), followed by Integral Yoga Teacher certification from Yogaville, Virginia. He is also an actorcombatant certified by the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.

He has taught in Florida Atlantic University (Florida), Central Piedmont College (North Carolina), and Blue Lake School of The Arts (Michigan), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts; currently Program Leader in the School of Theatre at LASALLE College of the Arts.

He employs the physical-spiritual approach to training the actor utilizing Asian Martial arts and the very physical approach to voice training with Lessac Kinesensic Training.


The Performing Arts Foundation program trains students who come to the program with little or no training or awareness in theatre and acting.
Many of these students are divided by cultural heritage and ethnicities. This in turn also reflected the divide in economic backgrounds.

How can we prepare such diverse students so that they are ready for a successful audition and further training in the B.A. Acting program?

The presenter shares his journey of training, and more importantly collaborating, with these young student-performers preparing them, in just one short year, for tertiary level training. It is like starting from Kindergarten and then progressing to College in one year.

He will share his experiences as he awakens their senses – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – so as to integrate and utilize skills into oneness.

The tools used:
Musicality – through Gamelan instruments and Brazilian drums & rhythms
Mentally – through Yoga
Meta-Physically – through martial arts

The key is to integrate the actor and incorporating traditions from Euro-centric experiences with these non-European experience.

Clash of cultures? Confusion to the senses?

Is there clarity through the kinesensic* approach?

* a term created by Arthur Lessac at the Lessac Research and Training Institute. 

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"