The Act of Creation. Grotowski - Laban - Chekhov. Physicality - Psychology - Gesture

Practical workshop with Jennifer Mizenko (USA)
Professor of Dance and Movement for 
the Actor, Certified Laban Movement Analyst, Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique 

Jennifer Mizenko is a Professor of Dance and Movement for the Actor at the University of Mississippi. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Kenyon College, and an M.A. in dance from The Ohio State University. Her expanded studies include period dance with Wendy Hilton and Richard Powers, the study of T'ai Chi with Maggie Newman, and the work of Jerzy Growtoski with the Teatr Piesn Kozla in Poland and Anna-Helena McLean founder and Artistic Director of the Moon Fool Company. Jennifer is a teaching member of Alexander Technique International, and served as Chair of the organization, 2007-2011. Jennifer is also a Laban Movement Analyst from LIMS. She has presented internationally at Laban and Alexander conferences and specializes in the teaching of Character Physicalization, integrating her knowledge of LMA and Alexander Technique. She currently serves as a Board Member of The American College Dance Festival Association.


Using the methodologies and theories of Jerzy Grotowski, Rudolph Laban, and Michael Chekhov, this workshop will use the experiences of the participants to create a short theater piece. It is hoped that there will be an opportunity to perform the piece for the entire conference. It is also requested that the workshop may take place in an alternative location; outside or in an old building nearby.

The workshop will begin using Grotowski physical warm-ups based in the concepts of Creating a Sacred Space and Via Negativa. The participants will physically explore silence, walking, strength and non-strength and mutuality exercises. 

The next step will be to gather material from the participants; songs, dances and folk tales from the participants’ native culture. This material will be the source upon which the theatrical piece will be created.

Through a series of improvisations a structure will be created. As the structure is created, the Laban concepts of Effort, Shape and Space will be explored. The participants will learn how their natural choices connect to these Laban concepts.

During the final “rehearsal process” the actors will be asked to notice their gestures. They will be asked to notice what gestures are occurring over and over again. In this step the concept of Psychological Gesture will be explored, connecting the significance between physical action and the psychology of the character.

The work created will be performed for the conference.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"