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Leo Ashizawa (UK-Japan)

"First Impressions"
Performance demonstration

Leo Ashizawa

Leo Ashizawa learned his acting through Fringe theatre in Japan. He performed in a multitude of plays and short films as well as being a featured model in the fashion industry since 1997. 

In 2006 he came to the UK and performed with several theatre companies in performances and plays including famous Greek tragedy “Oedipus the king”. He has also made appearances in films and commercials such as “Monster Hunter” (CAPCOM online) 

He mainly writes, directs and performs his solo performances, which have been held in pubs, theatres and a fringe festival, and believes it is his life’s seeking work.

Presentation Overview

They say that first impressions occupy almost 80- 90% of your mind when you see something, such as an accident, and even people's personality without truly knowing them. But is it really true?  It is based on your perception as well as your background. People judge others using their own preconception – what it should be and it shouldn't be; again is this really true?

Maybe this presentation overview already gives you unnecessary impressions without seeing the performance itself or the protagonist. His name is Ken. He is just an ordinary man, although people might judge him because he is a bit peculiar: he is a HIKIKOMORI.
You might see yourself through him but you would believe you are totally different from him. 

Furthermore when you are peeping someone's life with your own awareness, then what you can see through your eyes can be totally different from ones you see in reality TV, in which you might see someone’s life laid in bare as in “Big Brother”. Remember your first impressions when you see the performance, and question it whether or not your first impressions mean you are right.

HIKKOMORI – according to Oxford dictionary
noun (plural same)
[mass noun]
(in Japan) the abnormal avoidance of social contact, typically by adolescent males.
[count noun] a person who avoids social contact.