“Harmonizing Physical and Energetic Systems to Usher Forth Honest Performance”

Practical workshop with Lisa D. Long (USA)

Lisa Long is an educator, choreographer, and dancer. She danced professionally for Dance Kaleidoscope, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, and Riedel Dance Theater. Lisa holds an MFA in choreography from CalArts and has taught at CalArts, UCLA, and Butler University. Her choreography has been produced Off- Broadway, at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Electric Lodge, New Works Festival, and for Rogue Machine and Theater Unleashed, and critically acclaimed by the New York Times and Backstage Magazine. She is a licensed massage therapist and is determined to educate dancers about their physical instruments. Currently, Lisa is Assistant Professor of Modern Dance at Western Kentucky University.


This workshop is specially designed as an interdisciplinary exploration in employing hands-on techniques to harmonize the flow of energy through the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Throughout my practice and teaching, I have found that by educating artists about the basic energetic blockages and how to release them has had profound effect upon their ability to allow for a more honest performance, whether in dance, singing, acting or playing a musical instrument.  Since the Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine, Energetic meridians have been used in the treatment of various dis-eases.  In Western practices, fascial release has addressed is primarily thought of as physical restriction.  In creating both a physical and the energetic awareness within artists, I find that they become increasingly open and available to allow authentic communication flow throughout their being.  

Designed as a hands-on, class in basic self-care and opening, this workshop can be structured anywhere from a two hour class to an all day event, depending upon time restraints.  Participants will experience both Eastern and Western theory around physical and energetic systems through simultaneous lecture and hands-on techniques. Among some of the techniques we will employ are myofascial release, kembiki, trigger point/acupuncture point therapy QiGong, crainio-sacral still-point, and reflexology.  

By returning to ancient traditions, I believe it becomes more possible to liberate one’s authentic voice as a contemporary artist. 

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"