Laban: Resourcing Your Dance Practice

Presentation with Maggie Killingbeck (UK)

Maggie Killingbeck has an M.Phil from De Montfort University. She is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire. Maggie has taught dance at all levels from primary through to higher education including national inset courses. Her research interests include the interactive use of e-portfolio to tutor choreography and the value of Laban’s work in achieving high quality dance outcomes. These interests have resulted in the development of masters units on the MA Education course at the University of Bedfordshire.

Maggie is Chair of the Laban Guild for Movement and Dance and a member of the Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund Management Committee. 


Format of Presentation: powerpoint presentation which will include some filmed material by way of exemplification and a follow up workshop.

The presentation will provide a context for the research ie Laban and his work, the history of dance education and current practice in dance education. The presentation will describe the salient features of the research project ie the duration of the research project, the research subjects (all phases of education were represented: Higher Education Institutions, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools and Community Outreach), the teaching personnel (all Laban experts a number of whom worked with Laban in the early part of their careers) and the content of the research workshops (the more challenging aspects of Laban’s analysis of movement eg scales, rings, eukinetic affinities). 

The presentation will outline the calendar of events, ethical considerations and the research tools established both in preparation for the commencement of the project and modifications through the project. (To date four brilliant Saturday workshop sessions have taken place, the teachers, Valerie Preston-Dunlop, Walli Mieier and Rosemary Brandt, have been excellent, the extent of their knowledge, skills and understanding has been both challenging and inspiring. The participants, experienced dance teachers in their own right, have responded with openness, enthusiasm and invention). 

The presentation will share with delegates the research findings and their implications for the teaching of dance in education. At this moment in time we are half way through the research project and already the data appears to be suggesting that more advanced knowledge, skills and understanding of Laban’s work has had a significant impact on teaching and learning in dance throughout all phases of education.

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