Fusing Traditional With Contemporary in Australian Indigenous Theatrical Experiences

Video presentation with Nathalie Vallejo - Manager, Marketing & Communications, Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia; arts manager and practitioner - performing arts marketing and communications, public relations and administration (Australia).

Nathalie Vallejo was appointed Manager, Marketing & Communications at Bangarra Dance Theatre in December 2010. She conducted a brand review for the company resulting in a new website, new branding and market strategy including the increase of Bangarra’s digital media capability. Prior to this Nathalie worked at Belvoir as Marketing Assistant, Marketing Coordinator and Acting Marketing Manager and saw through the change of Artistic Director and the rebrand of the company. After arriving in Australia from France in 2004, Nathalie worked at the Alliance Francaise de Sydney as Public Relations and Administrative Assistant and coordinated the French Film Festivals.


The format of the presentation will consist of a reading/lecture with a power point presentation of images and shot video clips.

Bangarra Dance Theatre is Australia’s leading dance theatre for Aboriginal performing artists. The Company produces contemporary theatrical experiences influenced by traditional stories, dance, music and customs. Bangarra is acclaimed internationally for its deep respect and representation of the world’s oldest living culture. Australia’s Aboriginal people have lived on this land for over 40,000 years and continue to practice their ancient culture. Crossing two worlds of old and modern, each new Bangarra production draws on the personal relationships between the Company’s urban-based artists and the traditional communities living in remote areas. Artists spend time ‘on country’ sharing stories and life experiences with traditional elders and families, and learning their songs and dances. These traditional idioms inform Bangarra’s iconic works taking years to develop through a process of trust, permissions, teaching, exchange and return to country to perform the finish works. 

Through the medium of contemporary dance, Bangarra brings relevance and currency to the world’s first people’s cultures in our urban society. The theatre is a perfect environment for merging the past with the present in a timeless space, where every element – from costumes and sets to lighting – is symbolic and infused with meaning. The cultural protocols are carried into Bangarra’s work from traditional culture, and reflected in Bangarra’s commitment to nurture the next generation of custodians through the passing down of cultural heritage and traditions. Through dance and theatrical performances, Bangarra guides Aboriginal young people to rekindle their heritage and explore their personal experiences thus creating a path for future generations. 

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