Pouring Brain - Warm Thoughts in the Cold Winter

Presentation by Sara Csonka - comics and animation artist, illustrator, the winner of the International Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists (Hungary). 
The presentation will take place in the framework of IUGTE support programme for emerging artists.

Sara Csonka is the young comics artist, illustrator and animator from Hungary (the artistic name - Евгений Шомаров). 
2012 - to date - Studies in Secondary School of Visual Arts - Animation.
2012. 1st prize in Comic Competition ’Think globally’ by DemNet, Hungary.
2012. Appear in exhibition of ’Think globally’ in Szimplakert Café and gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
2013. Took part in ’The 24 hours of comics’, Angoulême, France.
2013. Made a graphic novel for Ligatura ’Silence’ comic competition.
2013. Won surcharge at ’Gramic COMIC/GRAPHIC-NOVEL CONTEST’, München, Germany
2013-2014. Appear in exhibition of ’Gramic COMIC/GRAPHIC-NOVEL CONTEST’, München, Frankfurt am Main, Kitzingen, Schwarzenbach an der Saale, Erlangen, Bremen, Dresden.
2013. Won the competition for Comic artists/Graphic novelists of IUGTE – took part in the four week long lab in Vilnius at the Russian Drama Theatre.


In September 2013 Sara Csonka was announced the winner of the International Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists organized by IUGTE and ArtUniverse.  In November Sara joined the creative team of the four-week International Theatre Lab organized by IUGTE in collaboration with the Russian Drama Repertory Theatre of Lithuania (Vilnius, Lithuania). The project unified the Russian actors and the multidisciplinary team of actors, dancers, choreographers, circus performers, directors and filmmakers from 12 different countries - Poland, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Mexico, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark and Hungary. As the result of the Lab the performance was created. 
Sara's presentation will introduce a different way of participating in a theatrical lab, as a visual artist. It will present the comics made during the lab and the thoughts and topics that came up. All connected with the lab, but not directly. The presentation will reflect upon the path, within the body which can give directions in 'non-body' questions. It will contain thoughts about experiencing something normal as a first experience. Returning to the beginning and being enthusiastic again. To discover fabulous things in your daily routine by re-realization of your doing. It will focus on the main topics of the comics, but there will be thoughts about approaching art and understanding it at this certain age (17). 
The presentation will include photos by PowerPoint and demonstration of the printed artworks.


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"