The Art of Co-creation: Building Professional Platforms for Artists with Different Abilities 

Presentation with Sophia Alexandersson - Director Share Music Sweden; musician, expert in arts and culture project management, performing arts, accessibility and international cooperation (Sweden). 

Sophia Alexandersson, the founder and director of Share Music Sweden, the arts organisation dedicated to enabling people of all physical abilities to take equal part in performance arts and cultural life. Central to Sophia’s work is to bring together people with and without disabilities, giving them a unique chance to work together and to express themselves as artists in a context where differences are seen as valuable and interconnected. Sophia has extensive knowledge of inclusive arts and comprehensive experience as a project leader of both national and international projects, leading workshops in Albania, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine.


The presentation will be held in the form of lecture with dialogue, photos and videos. 

The development of Performing Arts requires fresh ideas and questioning of old norms and stereotypes. For 10 years Share Music Sweden has been creating spaces for people with different abilities to collaborate. In 2010 we received the London Ability Media International Award in dance and were described as an “exceptional and creatively brilliant company”. 

Can we afford to lose new artistic expressions and challenges? Share Music Sweden has the courage to test new music technologies and adopt innovative approaches. In particular, close collaboration with artists of different abilities in the process of creating new artistic works becomes a source of ideas and exchange of experiences. “Dawn at Galamanta”, collaborative work of the internationally renowned composer, conductor and trombonist Christian Lindberg, choreographer Helen Karabuda, Swedish Wind Ensemble and Share Music Sweden, is such a case. In 2012 the performance was presented in the programme of the City of London Festival.

Crossing the invisible boundaries has become our strategy, implemented in a number of projects that evoked a prominent national and international response.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"