Arts in Transition: Artists and Institutions of the Czech Republic 
Reflect, Adapt and Look to the Future

Presentation with Todd Dellinger (USA)

Todd Dellinger is a professor of Arts Administration at Rider University in New Jersey, USA.  Arts Politics and Policy and international arts exchange opportunities are components of the new undergraduate curriculum which he has instituted there.  He has participated in cultural exchange with the Academy of the Arts in Prague and The American University in Washington.  His work in Prague as a Rider University Faculty Research Fellow launches his multi-year “Arts In Transition” research of how artists & institutions have adapted in “hotspots of cultural, political and/or economic change” since the middle of the Twentieth Century.   Mr. Dellinger taught Arts Administration at Saint Edwards University and was a Teaching Fellow at American University prior to a 20-year administrative career including the Executive Directorship of the Martha Graham Dance Company, A Noise Within Classical Repertory Theater in Los Angeles and TexARTS - a professional arts institution which he founded in Austin, Texas.  


Format of Presentation: a paper presentation.

The paper will reflect upon first steps of a broader assessment of how artists, arts institutions and administrators navigated and have since weathered significant political, social and/or economic transitions in global “hotspots” of change since the middle of the Twentieth Century.  While the multi-year research trajectory by Rider University Professor Todd Dellinger will explore multiple dynamic and diverse regions around the globe, the initial phase will focus on the former “Eastern Bloc.” This initial paper will report on assessment of key “bell-weather” arts institutions and artists in the Czech Republic and their transition from the fully State-supported, Communist paradigm to that of competitive, free-market democracy.   Mr. Dellinger’s site work in Prague in the summer of 2012, as part of a Rider University Faculty Research Fellowship, will be enhanced by the participation of Fulbright Scholar Dr. Gail Humphries Mardirosian of American University, who will collaborate on artist selection, survey compilation and analysis.  The proposed paper – will begin to address the broader project’s essential bipartite question:  “To what extent have entrepreneurial principles and practices common to successful American arts institutions been embraced and/or been impactful to former Eastern Bloc artists and institutions” and… “Can these principles and practices help to define new paradigms for stability and success going forward?” 


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