Matah Ati. A Javanese Opera Through the Lens of A Foreign Audience

Presentation by Yati Yusoff - international tour manager and independent producer (Indonesia).

Yati Yusoff has been an arts manager for more than 20 years in Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.
Currently she is international touring manager for an Indonesian performing arts company and an independent producer.
Yatu Yusoff has keen interest to promote Asian arts.


A traditional Javanese opera combines the elements of classical court dances and music and folk arts, including shadow theatre.  
These art forms are very familiar to the Javanese as arts and culture still is much part of life.

But what happens when we want to take it out of its traditional community context?  
What challenges do we face? 
Do we meed to use a language that can be understood in a western concept?  
Do we highlight similarities? 
How do we avoid pandering to the exotic? 

We exaggerated some moves and sounds to enhance the traditionally small and gentle moves and sounds . 
While this was necessary, how much do we need to change to accommodate the 'new' audience?


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"