Youngjoo Choi (South Korea) - Member of IUGTE

"Performing Tradition in the Contemporary Performance Arts"

Youngjoo Choi 

Youngjoo Choi is a theatre critic, scholar, translator and dramaturg. She has been theatre critic during last 10 years in Korea, translating plays doing some dramaturgy for the theatre. Youngjoo Choi has interest in Shakespearean productions, postdramatic theatres, intermedia performances, and contemporary directors.

"Performing Tradition in the Contemporary Performance Arts"

In Korean theatre, tradition has provided fertile resources for the theatre practitioners since the 1970s. Nonetheless, tradition in performing arts has similar patterns as tango is tango and Noh is Noh, once they got familiar with. 

Youngjoo Choi believes that tradition in contemporary performing arts should be combined with contemporaneity. Youngjoo Choi will define what is contemporaneity with simple terms, how it can be grasped, and explore some possibility to develop traditional culture combined with contemporary theatre. 

To explore an possibility she will take an example of Amarillo, a Mexican production.