My Face on the Wall

Exhibition and practical workshop, exploration of Iranian mask traditions, and how artist's imagination and creation allow to combine them with the well-known characters existing in works of the world plays - by Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh, playwright, writer, permanent member of Street Plays Society, Tehran Theater Center and designer of Mask and Puppet (Iran)

"God did create every man and then broke its shape" (Confucius)

Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh was born in 1965 in Damghan, Iran. He graduated from Faculty of Art, Niavaran Cultural Institute in 1992. He is a playwright and the writer of short stories, permanent member of Street Plays Society, Tehran Theater Center and designer of  Mask and Puppet.
Some years ago, as a new sparkle passed through his mind, Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh felt an innovation inside himself.  From that time, any play he reads he visualizes the characters in his mind and tries to make them realized with the newspaper paste (papier mâché) in an exaggerating way. The masks he makes, are formed by the use of his own imagination and creation ,some of them are based on some well-known characters existing in works of the world plays. For instance among the masks he has made, you encounter "Oedipus" at Colonous by Sophocles, "Mofistofels" in Faust play by Gautier, "Chobokov" in Suit play by Chekhov, a member of cultural unit in Vacuum play Eugene Ionesco and one of the characters of Gergon play by Eugene Ionesco , Yago in "Othello" by Shakespeare , and some other characters of Tragedies and Comedies.

In some of his works, Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh greatly endeavored to reveal and highlight some of the internal characteristics of human beings such as kindness, disloyalty, disappointment, thought. During theses years, there were also some other places in which he found the opportunity to exhibit his works such as Jahan Nama museum in Niavaran Palace, Tehran, a gallery in Artists House, Tehran and etc. One of the attractive points about his works is that they can be presented wherever it is possible; no matter it is a gallery, a museum or even a plain wall of stone or mud. One of the memorable experiences of Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh was the display of his masks in historical place of Tappeh Hessar, one of the most ancient monuments in Damghan, Iran which dates back to 7000 years ago.
It is worth mentioning that at the current time one of the works by Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh is in Bouratini museum, Historical Puppet museum in Italy. In 2011 Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh presented his mask exhibition and practical workshop in Austria at IUGTE Conference at Retzhof Castle. He was also invited at Sibiu international theater festival in Romania 2014 and in 2001 he was invited to Russia by Dr.Bouris Goldofski for the exhibition.
We are all aware that in this very old universe, there were people of different personalities and characteristics who witnessed the rising and setting of sun very long before us. Now in the age of technology and industry, let not bear in mind that we were and are the only residents of the planet Earth and the heirs of the whole world.   

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"