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Improvisation as Civic Engagement

Practical workshop by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, Associate Professor of Theatre, College of Arts, Media & Design, Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).    

Antonio brings over twenty-five years of professional experience as an actor, stage director and a trainer of actors. Currently serving as Associate Professor of Theatre at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, Antonio trained with Teatro Libre in his native Bogotá, Colombia, and with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts. He received a Master of Fine Arts in Directing as well as a Graduate Diploma in Voice from York University, Toronto. He has acted, directed and coached over 50 productions in several countries.

Antonio is a Designated Linklater Master Voice Teacher and is the author of La Liberación de la Voz Natural: El Método Linklater (UNAM, 2010). He serves as a consultant for CEUVOZ, a center for voice studies in Mexico City, where he runs a Linklater Voice Teacher training program.


Theatre-based improvisation provides a playful yet profound environment for us to discover, to understand and to maximize the ways in which we interact, communicate and collaborate with others. By taking part in a series of “on-your-feet” explorations and games, and then by deeply considering and discussing our experience, we will arrive at a new meaning of community engagement. Think of it as Civility in Action.

The session will enrich our ability to interact and to communicate with others with efficiency, commitment, and persuasiveness. The exercises and games will include spatial awareness, physical presence, mental agility, status, adaptability, risk taking, intuition, and teamwork. We will discover and develop practical skills to sharpen our ability to pay attention, to shift focus swiftly, and to work effectively in teams. The sheer delight of being fully present and committed to the moment will certainly boost our civic engagement.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of Improvisation to create community. The basic tenant of saying ”yes and…” immediately creates an invitation to all voices to be heard, to all experiences to be accepted and to us to deepen our understanding of human behavior. My hope for the session is that it provides a truly innovative vehicle for conversation about ways in which we interact in society.   

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"