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Daddy Dear 
Performance based on the play written by Mike Savuica (Romania/UK). Directed by Anna Demidova (Russia), performed by Mike Savuica, with a special appearance by Sorin Gongu (Romania).

Mike Savuica is a producer, director, actor, and playwright. He graduated The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (London), and is currently studying at NIPAI the 18 Month Theatre Directing Diploma program. He is the founder of Unfortunate Thespians. Founder and organizer of Monolog Slam Romania. At only 24 he has produced one international show, and is currently developing his second international performance. His credits as a director include 4 plays, 1 documentary, 1 feature-length film and 2 commercials. Mike’s dream is to help as many artists as possible develop, and produce, their plays, dreams and goals; hence why he is also working as a business development manager at Lugera The People Republic.
Anna Demidova is a performer, director and producer based in Moscow (Russia). She is a founder of Urban Forest Echo Theatre (Moscow, Russia). Her most significant works in theatre include Doppler (a theatre show with live music based on books by Erlend Loe) and Cabaret Torture Freak Show Chekhov Dark Circus (physical performance based on “Uncle Vanya” by A. Chekhov). She also works with Down Syndrome children at Downside Up Theatre Lab. Her works are inspired by Jan Fabre, Meg Stuart and Akram Khan.


Daddy Dear is a one man show that explores the trauma children have from being raised in abusive families.  If one is raised by an alcoholic does one become alcoholic?  How should children be treated, and punished? Should they be punished? Does abuse lead to abuse? Can the cycle be broken? Is a child worth respect? How can one quantify the respect he gives to his child? This performance addresses questions that should not be asked, trying to turn taboo topics into normal conversations. Daddy Dear is an always progressing, ever-changing performance that has multiple beginnings and endings, always taking into account the socio-political context it is being set in.. 


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute



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