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Dante Puleio at IUGTE Conference 2019
Teaching Traditional American Modern Dance to the 21st Century Artist
Workshop / technique class style presentation by Dante Puleio - Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance, School of Theatre and Dance, College of the Arts, University of Florida (Florida, USA). 

Dante Puleio is a Jersey boy. He trained at the Laban Centre in London, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK and received his BFA from University of the Arts, Philadelphia. After a diverse performing career including the Limón Dance Company, national and international Broadway tours, television and movie appearances, he received his MFA from University of CA, Irvine. He holds an appointment as Visiting Assistant Professor in Dance at University of Florida and continues staging Limón work, creating original work, teaching and performing worldwide.   


Dante will lead a technique class style presentation that includes classical modern dance training exercises with the contemporary dancer in mind. The approach includes contemporary social cues that the next generation of dancers are familiar with to gain trust and help them embody an older style of movement.

Passing down physical traditions through embodied practice is how dance has survived. Connecting with the past while maintaining a connection to “the now and the future” is how to keep traditions interesting for those learning practices that are almost a century old. The benefits of experiencing living history helps widen the scope of a training artist and allows them to grasp how dancers move today and why. It gives them deeply rooted principles of movement, and introduces them to the historical groundbreaking work that flourished into the contemporary hybrids of movement more commonly taught today.

The information is a deconstruction of the Limón Technique. Practiced and handed down from the perspective of a dancer and teaching artist who has performed and taught this work for many years to professional and pre professional aged dancers.

The conference theme of focusing on performing arts between tradition and contemporaneity is exactly what Dante has been researching for the past several years. It is an invaluable tool for what was past to remain relevant for the next generation of dancers; it binds them to what was and what can be. This research began with his thesis which examined the relevance of performing mid-century modern dance for the contemporary audience. He's been sharing this research throughout America for the past two years and look forward to sharing my research abroad.

The progression is a linear path. We begin with examining what needs to be taught and examining how to teach that in the most effective way for the students in front of you. The presentation will offer those pedagogical links. 


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute



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