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December 17 - 21, 2015


The Use of Chemical Formulas as Models for a Variety of Blocking in Theater with an Emphasis on Directing Box

Is it possible to used chemistry formula structures as a source of Blocking? The researcher could discovered 80 formula structures as patterns for all of the theater directors. Interactive conversation and workshop by Erfan Khatibzadeh (Iran)

Erfan Khatibzadeh was born in Damghan, Iran. He is the student of Theater at Tehran University, Campus of Fine Arts, faculty of Performing Arts and Music. Since 6 years old, Erfan has started his dramatic arts activities by his father (Ali Asghar Khatibzadeh). He is experienced in different fields of the theater including: acting, directing, puppet, playwriting and theatre education. Currently his main interest in performing art is Research Theater.

Erfan has participated in numerous festivals including: Fadjr International Theater Festival, Tehran International Puppet Theatre Festival, Marivan International Street Theatre Festival, Sahbdelan International Theater Festival, and Festival by the Theatre Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

Erfan is also teaching Creative Drama and Acting and creates theater performances with children and teenagers (age of 10 - 17). In 2015 his latest performance participated in the celebration of the World Theatre Day in Semnan, Iran. Erfan got several awards at theatre festivals and prizes for his continuous activity in theatre and dramatic arts field.


What always concerns all theater directors is the analysis of the text, understanding of the play content and the creation of the form (blocking).
The presentation will be focused on useful tools in theatre directing.

What are the resources and patterns to achieve these forms? 
Is it possible to use chemistry formula structures as a source of Blocking?

In this research 80 formula structures as universal patterns for theater directors have been discovered.
To understand this topic better, there has been used to a three-dimensional model, the maquette, that Erfan names “Directing Box”.

This method has 12 laws. All of the patterns can be described by pictures and examples.
In the contemporary world, the art is being enriched by closely combining with science, for example, Da Vinci's paintings, or Stanislavski's science attitude in theatre.
Therefore, the purpose of the research is to consider the science as the viewpoint in theater. In this regards, the use of chemistry structures can be a rich source.

The Background research consists of 4 articles and 1 book that related to acting, performance, plays (scrips), set and story, and this research is focused on theater directing. 
The researcher have studied 60 chemistry books for getting the formula structures.

Such method can be used in every play (classic, modern, postmodern) regardless the style or the performance space (street theater or proscenium stage or black box and so on). It can become the key tool in theatre for all kinds of the ages, genres and directions: theatre pedagogy for children, adults, social theatre, etc. It is event not important if the director is familiar with the science of chemistry. What is important for a theatre director is the understanding of the form and the approach how to create it for the audience perception.

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