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"Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity"
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Krissy Yin LAM at IUGTE Conference 2019
Devising theatre for the story-telling of mothering experiences – theatre aesthetics, forms and performing style for artistic transformation.
Lecture & Workshop by Krissy Yin LAM – Lecturer in the Centre for Performing Arts Research in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Hong Kong). 

Krissy, currently a Lecturer in the Centre for Performing Arts Research in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, is an award-winning drama and theatre artist who has won awards and nominations in The Hong Kong Drama Awards, The Hong Kong Theatre Libre, and the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) Awards. Krissy is experienced in devising theatre, performing, directing, teaching and research, some of her works have travelled to Brussels, Warsaw and Singapore. Krissy earned an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice majored in Performing at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and a Master in Drama Education offered by the Griffith University. Krissy’s current research interests lie in the areas of the training of the performer’s body and the art of story-telling.


The art of story-telling and how stories can be told and transformed through the performer’s body have always been the key interests of my creative works and research. In this presentation and workshop, I am going to share and reflect on a piece of group-devised theatre called “Mothering Voices” which I directed after I became a mother. The piece has won many local theatre awards in Hong Kong, but its aesthetics, performing styles as well as creative meaning has not yet been discussed adequately. As the devising director, I would like to share my reflection of the work, and also to open up space for the discussion of the aesthetics, styles and techniques of story-telling in theatre that can capture, create or transform the meaning of human experiences. Through a short devising workshop, I will invite participants to explore the artistic forms and aesthetics for the story-telling about motherhood. Focus will be placed on looking at how can the essence of stories be captured and transformed artistically through various forms in contemporary theatre. Some of the forms that I have employed, including physical theatre, chorus work, live music, metaphors, monologues will be explored. The discussion of the creative process will be facilitated to develop new ideas for future story-telling.

Motherhood is a concept or life experience that we would all have at some point of our lives. A mother plays vital roles in an individual’s development throughout the life time, but most of the time we tend to regard motherhood as something that simply occurs naturally and something that we already know. However, feminist thoughts about motherhood or maternity has changed a lot in the last decades: from a traditional essentialist view which believes in a single defined set of characteristics, to a poststructuralist view which sees a subject as constructed through processes influenced by external forces and discourses (Jeremiah 2006). Judith Butler (1990) conceives gender identity as the expressions of gender, in which the expressions are the results of the doing or the practices. Therefore, postmodernist feminism does not see maternity as a static universal concept, but rather diversed practices and dynamic processes, that are constantly shaped by external forces and discourses. 

Telling the stories of the real, current and diversed mothering experiences is crucial in helping us break away from any dominant or oppressive static definition of maternity. When the discourses on maternity become varied, fluid and open to change, mothering can become the site of empowerment and social change for women. 

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute