International Conference 
"Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity"
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Interactive practical seminar by Luca Fabbricotti - manager and consultant expert in international and intercultural projects (Switzerland). 

Luca Fabbricotti is a manager and a consultant expert in international and intercultural projects. In the last ten years he worked in different fields in countries as Italy, Canada, Turkey, Netherlands, UAE, Brazil and India, and currently holds relationships at private and governmental level with entities from all the world. Leading teams that are spread in the world and being able to fit with culture and organizations to get results once there is the key point of Luca bio. His business expertise is mostly focused on developing ideas into projects around the world.

Luca's formal education includes a graduation with a MsC by Pisa University followed by general management MBA and specific professional education about leadership, cross cultural remote collaboration and change management by prestigious INSEAD in Fontainebleu. 

Moreover Luca has been involved in organization of sociological experimentation through games and simulations for many years
(with Prof. Luca Giuliano, Sapienza University of 
Rome) and experimented with how people act and react in several different cultures. In the arts he has led the organization and marketing of several theatrical events focused on exploring the spaces outside theatres and finding a model for bootstrap in theatre world.

Since 2014 Luca collaborates with IUGTE and manages several international projects in Italy and Austria.

Finally Luca is currently a speaker and VP of a Swiss Chapter within the global Toastmasters No profit organisation to spread communication and leadership education.


What’s in an idea? What makes YOU a creative person?

Jump on a trip on how our mind works that will open the conference and our mind to a more creative and fulfilling experience.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute