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Mike Savuica's Performance at IUGTE Conference 2020
Alcoholism: A brief deconstruction of my Dad’s death.
Performance by Mike Savuica - a producer, director, actor (Romania) and Sorin Gongu - producer, performer (Romania). 

Mike Savuica is a producer, director, actor, and Business Development Manager at one of the coolest HR company, Lugera. He graduated The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (London), and is currently studying at NIPAI the 18 Month Theatre Directing Diploma program. He is the founder of Unfortunate Thespians. Founder, and organizer of Monolog Slam Romania. At only 24 he has two international shows, and is currently developing his third international performance. His credits as a director include 5 plays, 1 documentary, 1 feature-length film and 2 commercials. Mike’s dream is to help as many artists as possible develop, and produce, their plays, dreams and goals.
Sorin Gongu at IUGTE Conference 2020

Sorin Gongu
is a powerhouse name in Romanian theater production. After 30+ years spent as a producer, Sorin decided to step on stage, and become a performer himself. After he took part in a workshop with the Ostrenko brothers in January 2018 Sorn decided he wanted to tun his passion for acting into a profession. Since then Sorin has not stopped acting, and has taken part in a multitude of workshops to further become a well-crafted, multidisciplined, performer. Sorin thinks age is just a number, and believes that even though he is almost 60 he is in his prime. Sorin is not on the edge, he owns the edge.


Dick has been an alcoholic since early teenage years. After his father dies in an accident, Dick’s alcohol intake sky rockets to an all-time high, as he himself plummets to an all-time low. “But no matter how much I drink, I can’t forget” (Dick). Dick is confused and in a lot of pain, he does nothing but work and drink. He realizes that to have a shot at a normal life he must have one last conversation with his dad, and tell him all the things he never dared say when his father was alive. At his dad’s grave he finds more than he bargained for... the line between reality and nightmare is blurred as Dick revisits the ghosts of the past.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute



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