Concept and Convergence: Collaboration in Intermedia Visual Art and Dance.

Lecture, video demonstration and practical workshop by Cynthia Roberts, Visual/Multimedia Artist, Associate Professor of Studio Art at Endicott College (USA), and 
Nikki Sao Pedro-Welch, Choreographer/Dancer, Coordinator of Dance, Assistant Professor of the Dance program at Endicott College (USA).   

Nikki Sao Pedro-Welch earned her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College with focus in Choreography and Dance Pedagogy. She also earned an M.Ed in Arts in Learning from Endicott College and a B.A in Dance from Point Park University. Nikki is the Coordinator of Dance, assistant professor of the Dance program at Endicott College, and head coach of the nationally ranked, Dance Team. Her professional work has been performed at NACHMO of Boston, Pop Up Series event in Cambridge, MA. Dumbo Dance Festival in NYC, Salem ArtsFest in Salem MA, and Dance in the Fells (Medford, MA) to name a few. She and her colleague, Cynthia Roberts won an American Prize Award for 
Armations: Activating Adaptation, a “visual, sonic superworld.” Nikki has taught and choreographed work for the American College Dance Association, and has been a 
professional dancer for Danny Swain Dance Company, The Boston Celtics Dance Team, Peter DiMuro/Public Display of Motion, Quicksilver Dance, and Monkeyhouse. Dancing for these 
companies, Nikki has performed in many festivals including The Montreal Fringe Festival (Canada), Dumbo Dance (Brooklyn NY), NACHMO (Boston, MA) and Cool New York (Brooklyn, NY) among many professional dance venues. She is currently an adjudicator for MSSAA Dance Team regional and state competitions, as well as, Universal Dance Association’s regional and national competitions. Her professional website is: 

Cynthia Roberts is a visual artist living and working north of Boston. Her work is grounded in a studio practice of painting and drawing and includes extended painting in the form of live intermedia events. In 2012, Roberts was a laureate of the Regards Croisés// Criss Cross: NY//Le Havre residency and production grant, with support of the French Institute, the City of Le Havre, and Triangle Arts Association in New York. She was an artist in residence in the city of Le Havre, France for the fall of 2012. She has created multiple collaborations with choreographers, musicians and dance companies including the French La BaZooKa, with a piece that premiered at the André Malraux Museum of Modern Art. She and colleague Nikki Sao Pedro Welch have collaborated since 2009, with their most recent production earning an American Prize award. Roberts has exhibited her paintings and drawings in galleries and contemporary art spaces in the US and Europe. In 2019 she will exhibit at the Long Island Art League in NY in a 2-person exhibition featuring an onsite movement piece with Sao Pedro Welch. Born and raised in New York, Roberts obtained a BA at Brown University in Providence, RI and an MFA in Painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently an Associate Professor of Studio Art at Endicott College. Her professional website is and on instagram @cynthiarobertstudios.


Cynthia and Nikki will present their individual and collaborative studio practice in a short presentation, followed by an interactive live workshop of Armations: Activating Adapation, a dance/visual piece exploring ideas around interaction with technology, nature, and the human response to our current moment of change.
Armations: Activating Adapation, was premiered in the Rose Performance Hall at the Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts of Endicott College in 2015, and has subsequently been performed in a site-specific form part of the arts festival Art in Odd Places: Believe edition, as well as in a workshop with the Riverhead Schools. Armations will be presented in short form at the Long Island Art League as part of a 2019 exhibition in New York.

This presentation will be both lecture/video demonstration, and participatory. 

The primary investigation of Armations: Activating Adaptation surrounds the complex process of how we as humans are adapting to a new world of technology dependence and remaining relationship to nature?  

For initial understanding of Armations: Activation Adaptation, the first part of the lecture and video demonstration will provide the foundation in which Armations was developed upon and the performance that was created based on the ideas, questions, and finding of our process.
After the lecture/video portion of this presentation, we will encourage participants to answer the original question that interested us along with others that include: 

What does adaptation look like? 
How to we react as individuals to this massive shift toward a technology driven world? 
How to we react as a community? 
What elements of forces of nature remain important, relevant, or impactful to us as humans? 

MOVEMENT The responses to these questions will be adapted to movement using improvisational techniques through progressive teaching principles that will guide the participants to explore community, adaptation, nature, and any other questions that arise during the conversation. 
During this process, a visual team will incorporate projection along with a prepared original sound track to add an additional layer to the movement, which could ignite a different response to the community/individual involved. 

At the end of this presentation we will leave time for reflection and response to the experience.  


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse"