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Virginia Vallens Gregg at IUGTE Conference 2019
Performance for the Camera
Combine lecture, conversation and demonstration by Virginia Callens Gregg - Retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead (Minnesota, USA).

Virginia Callens Gregg, PhD - Retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead. I’ve taught radio/TV performance and communication studies from assistant to full-professor for almost 50 years. I have taken many TV workshops, and have been invited to observe/learn on Hollywood TV and film stages. 


This presentation/activity will include body adjustments necessary to adapt from performance for the “uncontrolled audience eye in theatre,” to performance for the “controlled audience eye via the camera.” For example, while a (simulated) ‘close-up’; on stage requires grand movement to draw the audience’s attention, a ‘close-up’ on camera requires very little movement, yet it must elicit the same emotional response from the audience as if on stage.

Other content: 1) how to use the three basic categories of movement: “in-body, in-frame, out of frame; 2) the illusion of the “TV Triangle” that connects performer/object/audience; 3) the performer’s relationship with the screen edges and center; and 4) how to stand/walk/sit for the camera, without looking as if you were parking a Mack Truck.

Participants will also receive tips on how to determine (without being told) if they are on a wide, medium, or close-up shot (great advice for auditions), and how to adapt their movements to ‘direct the director.’

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute