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Performance for the Camera
Combine lecture, conversation and demonstration by Virginia Callens Gregg - Retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead (Minnesota, USA).

Virginia Callens Gregg, PhD - is a retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead. She has taught radio and TV production/directing/performance and communication studies for over 45 years in several universities, and with students has produce live daily news programs, telethons, numerous talk shows, variety shows, children's programs and sporting events. Through her own company, NorthCoast Communication, Inc., Virginia has produced many commercials, PSAs, promotional and educational programs, and has won several awards. To keep honing her skills, Virginia has participated in various TV workshops, and has accepted invitations to observe and learn on Hollywood TV and film stages. 


This presentation/activity will include body adjustments necessary to adapt from performance for the “uncontrolled audience eye in theatre,” to performance for the “controlled audience eye via the camera.” For example, while a (simulated) ‘close-up’ on stage requires grand movement to draw the audience’s attention, a ‘close-up’ on camera requires very little movement, yet it must elicit the same emotional response from the audience as if on stage.

Other content: 1) how to use the three basic categories of movement: in-body, in-frame, out of frame; 2) the illusion of the “TV Triangle” that connects performer/object/audience; 3) the performer’s relationship with the screen edges and center; and 4) how to stand/walk/sit for the camera without looking as if you were parking a truck.

Participants will also receive tips on how to determine (without being told) if they are on a wide, medium, or close-up shot (great advice for auditions), and how to adapt their movements to ‘direct the director.’


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute