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"Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity"
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Zaki Razak at IUGTE Conference 2019
Singapore through the dancing body/ies; Revising Telok Blangah through Zapin
Performance-Lecture-Workshop by Zaki Razak – Lecturer, Visual Studies, School of Creative Industries at LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore) and Norisham Osman – Choreographer, Theatre & Dance Educator, Artistic Director at the Kaizen M.D (Singapore).

Zaki Razak
graduated from LASALLE College of the Art with a Masters in Fine Arts and holds a Diploma in Visual Communication from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. An artist known for his installation-performances and collaborative approach towards art-making, Zaki’s practice involves investigations into human consciousness, the hermeneutics of art and its systems of circulation and reception. His interest in social languages and rituals also led him to create works that take advantage of everyday situations, subject them to wordplay and humour, and while implicating the audience through engaging their participation in the art-making process.
Norisham Osman at IUGTE Conference 2019

Norisham Osman is a NAFA Diploma in Arts Management and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Creative Industry Management graduate. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Kaizen M.D., a performing arts collective that gathers young artists from various art disciplines to create multidisciplinary works. His involvement in Singapore’s arts industry as an accomplished actor, choreographer, teacher and production team member has led to notable achievements. His current research pursuit includes seeking ‘new’ movements and languages as well as choreographic structures and devices whilst maintaining the traditional values and practices of the Malay dance. 


In the light of Singapore’s bicentennial year we aspire to share, promote and advocate the history of Singapore through a traditional dance. Besides the purpose of providing, imparting and performing an introductory presentation, we aim to deconstruct both the canons of history and dance in parallel with a similar concern – to present a ‘radical break’ from perceived national narratives. 

We hope that our intended dialectical structure of ‘thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis’ together with the participation of the ‘other bodies’ would result into a spectrum of new possibilities and most ignificantly a better understanding of Singapore and its culture.

The presentation will be intermittently presented by Zaki Razak and Norisham Osman in sixty minutes. The premise of the presentation is to revise historical and cultural narratives and movements whilst seeking its conceptual essence. The structure and sequence of the presentation will be comprised of a lecture with some performative elements and to be concluded with a ‘movement’ workshop. All of these will be presented into a seemingly seamless presentation. 
We will begin, for the first twenty minutes with an introduction and overview of the prosperous strategic shore, Singapore and Telok Blangah; and the most recognised traditional Malay dance in Nusantara or the Malay Archipelago, Zapin respectively. It will be followed by its deconstruction – breaking down its etymologies, legends and research methodologies. For the rest of the forty minutes, we will then form, share and practice the suspension of our discoveries, possibilities and imaginative structures with the ‘other bodies’ i.e. the audience. In essence this presentation is not about ‘looking at’ Singapore and its culture but ‘looking through’ them.


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute