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Anna Demidova at IUGTE Conference

Technology & Theatre: collaboration or confrontation
Workshop by Anna Demidova - director, producer and coach, based in Moscow, Russia and Liudmila Burysheva - a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher, born in Moscow, Russia.

Anna Demidova is a director, producer and coach, based in Moscow, Russia. She is also a founder of independent theatre company Urban Forest Echo. In 2020 she staged an online performance “One day we will all be happy” based on a text written by Russian playwright Ekaterina Vasilieva. She also has experience in online teaching: she launched series of online courses in physical theatre for actors and professional vocalists giving an opportunity to study on quarantine for over a 100 of students from Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, UK and the USA.
Liudmila Burysheva at IUGTE Conference

Liudmila Burysheva
- a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher, born in 
Moscow, Russia. Took part in different festivals and physical theatre projects. Worked as an assistant to the tutor at the International Residency for Choreographers, Movement Directors & Directors of Physical Theatre NIPAI in collaboration with IUGTE, Austria 2019. In 2020 launched a series of online courses in physical theatre for actors, together with regular on/off line classes. Since 2010 Liudmila gives regular contemporary dance, pilates, stretching classes.

Urban Forest Echo:


Over the couple of decades technologies were developing as fast as never before. Now we can oder a taxi or food delivery or even manage our bank accounts using just our phone. But what about theatre? Theatre neglected the opportunities high tech could offer. But due to the quarantine theatre industry had to reconsider this.  

We believe that technology brings us new opportunities in theatre production aswell as in education. Even if it comes to physical theatre,dance and movement. Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram – how can we use it in theatre production? Does it help us or does it destroy?

We are ready to share our experience on our workshop “Technology and Theatre: collaboration or confrontation”.

The workshop gives an overview of the most effective approaches and tools of online interaction. 
We hope our workshop will be useful for many people working in theatre worldwide. We were trying to make it informative, practical and fun..

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute



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