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The Body of a Woman as a Battlefield
Work in Progress by Andra-Maria Brebu actress at The Theater of Romanian Playwrights and a TV Host at a music television in Romania, and Claudia Vasile - Actress, Dancer, Writer from Romania. 

Andra-Maria Brebu 
graduated from Hyperion University of Arts and works as a collaborating actress at The Theater of Romanian Playwrights, and as a TV Host at a music television in Romania named UTV. She also tteaches songwriting and singing. She is a professional dancer with 11 years of experience.

Claudia Vasile - 
Actress, Dancer, Writer. She studied, and practiced classical ballet, and sports dance with 12 years of experience in this field. Her passion for writing began in childhood, writing since then: drama, prose, and poetry. Later, she integrated her passion for dance and writing into acting, attending a specialized university. Currently, she is a collaborating actress at the Theater of Romanian Playwrights in Bucharest. 


 A long forgotten historical myth says that all war start for women, or a woman to be more specific. But what happens when desires distort into abuse, and passion is used in all the wrong ways? What happens when military tactics treat the human body as nothing more than an object? How many women should be sacrificed so to stop a perpetual cycle with roots at the origins of humanity? Visniec’s words present us the contemporaneity of ancestral burdens. Can we transcend the historical perception of a woman’s body into a parabolic ode worshipping the life-giving beings known as women? This experimental performance gazes us into the shattered memories, and pieces of existence, of a woman that has gone to hell and back. Acceptance, self-love, forgiveness are just a few of the themes that we want to contemplate together. We cannot change history, but we can change what is to come.  

After the performance is presented, we will all be sat down and have a Q&A session. Here we would like to answer questions from the audience as well as talk about rehearsal process, how we integrated movement into the performance, how can we set out to be examples for future generations and stop cycles of abuse, etc.

Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute



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