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Theatre Biomechanics 
Practical workshop by Gennadiy Ostrenko - choreographer, set designer, theater artist and educator (Russia). 

Gennadiy Ostrenko is initially a Stage Designer and has much experience of working in the professional theatre. His stagecraft skills have enabled Gennady to diversify and he now devotes himself to physical theatre and movement artistry. He has extensive experience as an educator of theatre biomechanics, movement directing, and stage combat, and frequently collaborates with his brother, Sergei, as a Stage Designer and Movement Director.

Gennadiy carried out several lines of creative projects in the field of performing art and contact improvisation in Ukraine. In the framework of IUGTE G. Ostrenko took part in different international multidisciplinary projects in Italy, Slovenia, Malta. Also, Gennadiy was a movement director during the IUGTE International Shakespeare Performance Project in collaboration with Russian Theatre, the final point of which, was a production of a performance with Russian actors and international production team from UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Switzerland, USA “Passions of Romeo”. He was a stage designer in performance production, named "Lullaby for Hamlet" created in the framework of the international collaboration between Stavropol Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Lermontov, "ArtUniverse" Agency and "IUGTE". 

In 2015 G. Ostrenko was invited to take part in the great project between Saratov Kiselev Youth Theatre, “IUGTE” and “ArtUniverse” in a position of a movement director during the creation of a performance "Love and Death in Verona" based on "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare. Also in this year, several workshops of contact improvisation were released and conducted by G. Ostrenko. 


The workshop is focused on the practical exploration of performer’s psycho-physical instrument in the teaching of the Russian outstanding theatrical innovator - Vsevolod Meyerhold

Meyerhold's passion to creating bold, imaginative and expressive theatre and unique understanding of performer’s nature inspire contemporary theatre makers all over the world. 

Meyerhold's Biomechanics is a living method which is being 
continually developed, transformed and applied by its contemporary followers. It can not stand still and should not be considered as a static museum exhibit from 1920s. The true value and efficiency of the living method consists in its constant ability to consider and sense the peculiarities of the contemporary performance, its rhythm, form, aesthetics, the perception and passions of today's audience. 

Participants will explore the principles of Biomechanics and analyze them practically on the example of Biomechanics Etudes, gain a deeper understanding of psycho-physical approach in contemporary performer’s training and its application to practical work - rehearsal process, performance and teaching.  


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute



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