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Voice Control for Electronic Media
Combine lecture, conversation and demonstration 
by Virginia Callens Gregg - Retired professor of Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead (Minnesota, USA).

Virginia Callens Gregg, PhD - Retired professor of Radio/Film/TV and Communication Studies at MN State University Moorhead, Virginia has taught radio and TV performance and acting as well as communication studies for over 45 years. She taught a special class in radio drama, and supervised a University Radio Station for almost 20 years. At the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, she supervised students in producing a live, daily half-hour news/weather/sports program for four years that was aired in parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. Additionally, through her own company, NorthCoast Communication, Inc., she has coached numerous regional professional radio and TV announcers, film narrators, and radio hosts as a private consultant. 


This presentation/activity will cover the necessary adjustments in voice to simulate the many volume variations on stage, while speaking within the specified and limited volume range for broadcasting. For example, a whisper or a shout in the media would be delivered quite differently than a whisper or shout on stage, however, the audience should hear them as the same.

Participants will also learn how to modify ‘APE’ (articulation, pronunciation, enunciation) to create the “General American Speech” sound preferred for (US) announcers and news anchors. Depending on the participants’ interests, instruction can also include tips for organizing content within a news story for best attention and retention, the basic types of reporting styles for journalists and documentarians, when to use each style, and how to distinguish your speaking voice from another’s if your vocal sounds are similar.


Organized by IUGTE in collaboration with "ArtUniverse" and New International Performing Arts Institute